Romantic Night Ideas For Dates

Updated: Sep 11

Romantic Night Ideas for date sex.

**Adult Content Warning**


When you're looking for romantic ideas as a couple, and it's 9:00 P.M., or later, you need to be a little more creative about romance.

In larger cities, you have plenty of romantic night ideas for dates you can choose to spice up your love life with your lover or spouse.

Let's assume you have a lover or spouse willing to participate in this romantic adventure who can stay up to the late morning hours.

So let's take this step-by-step.

Unusual Romantic ideas at night.

Step #1 - An Unusual Romantic Idea

I always start the evening doing something unusual that my wife and I don't usually do or have never done before as a couple.

Last week, I gave my wife two choices: we could go to a gun range and shoot semi-automatic rifles and handguns or ice skating.

To my surprise, my wife chose to shoot semi-automatic rifles and handguns at a gun range.

I called a friend, who loaned us two semi-automatic rifles and an old type of six-shooter handgun.

We went to a local gun range and started shooting the rifles side-by-side.

It was quite thrilling!

We were side-by-side shooting military-looking rifles at paper targets.

Wow! Shooting guns can be fun!

It was so much fun that I got a devious thought about shooting the six-shooter handgun between my wife's legs.

I shot the handgun about two inches below my wife's pussy. My wife said, "It was one of the most thrilling things she has ever done or felt!"

The sound vibrations made her clit tingle for half an hour!

My wife said the visual of a smoking gun directly underneath her pussy is something she’ll never forget for the rest of your life!

Now, it was my wife's turn.

My wife shot the six-shooter handgun two inches below my cock. Wow! I could feel the sound vibrations go right into my balls!

My balls were feeling the blast for a good 20-minutes! It was the strangest feeling!

It was an unbelievable experience!

Shooting a six-shooter directly underneath our cock and pussy has got to be the craziest thing we've done together as a couple in years!

This was a great way to start the evening. Next, we headed to dinner.

Late Dinner and Drinks.

Step #2 - A Light Dinner and Drinks

Since this is a romantic adventure, you need to find an interesting dinner restaurant that serves light dinners (sushi, hamburgers, tacos, etc.) and alcohol late at night.

I'm always looking for great "whole-in-wall" restaurants; believe me; there are plenty of superb restaurants that night owls know well.

You don't want to start the evening starving to death, and I'm sure your lover or spouse wants to start the evening with some food in their stomach.

It would be best if you also started the evening with an alcoholic buzz, so make sure the restaurant serves alcohol.

You'll need to do some research before you take a taxi or Uber to the restaurant bar.

So let's say you had your fill of eating sushi and shots of hot sake.

Your next step is to spice up the evening to the next level, so let's proceed forward with the evening.

Adult stripper, dancing.

Step #3 - Cheap Thrills

An enjoyable, wild, but romantic way to start the evening as a couple is to head to an adult club for some cheap thrills.

There are six types of adult clubs in most major cities in the United States.

  • Traditional, straight, strip clubs for men.

  • Classic, straight, strip clubs for women.

  • Mud wrestling strip clubs for men.

  • Gay and lesbian strip clubs.

  • Gay, Broadway, adult shows.

  • Sex Clubs: Random sex with people you don't know.

Since my wife likes to eat pussy, I will take my spouse to a straight strip club (for guys) or a lesbian strip club for a romantic but wild adventure.

Occasionally, we will go to a gay, broadway, adult show.

I always let my spouse pick, and we both enjoy the outcome. The whole point of going out late is to do something different for a change and have fun.

Going to a couple's strip club is quite different from going with your friends. It gives you and your lover or spouse a unique perspective on each other's secret desires.

If you're jealous, this step may not be a good idea. However, for most couples, you'll find this step exhilarating, seductive, fun, and leads to some great sex later in the night. {Affiliate Disclosure: We earn a small commission if you purchase through this link.}

Once your dollar bills run out, it's time to move on.

Hopefully, you gathered some phone numbers from some dancers before you left. Now it's time to proceed to the next step.

Dance clubs.

Step #4 - Dance Clubs

I enjoy dancing with my spouse, so we always head out to a well-known, hot super-club in the city.

Usually, my wife and I are too old to get into a super-club. However, money will always get in to the hottest clubs in the city.

I always bring an extra $200 to get my wife and me into a hot super-club. Sometimes you will need to pay as much as $600 a person to get into a super-club, but it's well worth the experience.

Am I a fantastic dancer? No. Compared to some of the couples on the floor, I am only a modestly good dancer.

The couples I see are younger than us and have much more energy than my wife and myself, but I still have a move or two to show the young chickens!

I guess I'm young at heart!

The whole point of the dance club is to get a nice alcoholic buzz, enjoy yourself, and hopefully get your lover or spouse's pussy as close to your cock as you can!

Genital to genital friction is the whole point of dancing!

Once you and your lover (or spouse) are "hot-to-trot," look for an emergency exit so you can do a quickie.

Sometimes, I will go back several times to the emergency exit for a second round. It all depends on the evening and how hot my spouse is at the moment.

I like to bring drinks to these fuck sessions, to pour alcohol on my wife's pussy and my cock to enhance our lovemaking.

Eventually, when I have cummed, or my wife has cummed, we know it's time to head back to the dance floor for our final dance.

Once we have our final dance, which is usually a slow, romantic dance, we usually proceed to the next step.

Window shopping as a couple.

Step #5 - Walk, Window Shop, and Talk

As a couple, we always walk down a well-lit street in a high-end part of our city and just window shop and talk.

The whole point of this step is to talk to each other on a fundamental level and get things off our chests that we should have gotten off weeks ago but were too busy with our lives to have this direct one-on-one talk as a couple.

This simple step is not only romantic, but allows us to talk to each other without the TV, computer, or cell phone interrupting our conversation.

The walk brings us closer as a couple when we take this simple step. So, I highly recommend this step to all couples!

Early morning breakfast and coffee.

Step #6 - Pancakes, Eggs, and Coffee

We usually find a specialty breakfast restaurant open from 1:00 to 4:00 A.M. to have breakfast.

Eating breakfast allows us to rebalance our bodies, reduce our alcoholic toxicity, and hopefully reduce the next day's headache.

My wife and I take about two days to unwind from our alcohol saturation.

However, breakfast allows us to get home with enough energy for our final step.

A couple having sex in the morning.

Step #7 - Romance and Sex in the Morning

I always send red roses to my wife before we leave for our date. It's an old habit that I started in my thirties.

So when we get back from breakfast, we take a shower, my wife put on some sexy lingerie, and I put on some silk boxers.

Once we get to our bed, I throw an old bed sheet over the top of the bed sheet that’s currently on the bed.

I then take half of the red roses I had sent to my wife the day before and crushed the red roses so that the pedals would fall on top of the old bed sheet.

The bed looked very romantic.

Next, I went into the kitchen pantry, got a squeezable container full of honey, and returned to the bedroom.

I had a simple strategy for a couple tired from an all-night date. In my opinion, I had enough energy for one last cum!

My wife was waiting for some good fucking. She was lying in bed with her ass up in the air, with her face in the bed sheet full of rose pedals.

It's so sweet to see my spouse's pussy in a perfect porn position. My cock got immediately hard and sprang to attention!

I took the honey and squirted the honey all over her pussy lips and asshole. Then I sat the honey on the night table, dove right in, and started licking my wife's pussy and asshole.

God, her pussy tastes so good! I also made sure I cleaned her asshole with my tongue. I could see her toes curl when I took a breather from eating her pussy.

My wife loved every moment!

I went back to licking my wife's pussy and asshole, and my wife turned on her favorite vibrator and started to work her clit with her new sex toy. {Affiliate Disclosure: We earn a small commission if you purchase through this link.}

She was in sex heaven!

After a couple of minutes, I saw cum cream starting to ooze out of her pussy, and I ate every last droplet of cum oozing out of her pussy.

Her sex cha