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Updated: Sep 11

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**Adult Content Warning**


This article is for couples dating for some time or married couples needing a spark in their love life.

I get emails each day asking how they can be a romantic lover after years or decades in which the relationship has "fizzled" due to a lack of intimacy in the relationship.

Often just simple steps are needed to become a romantic lover, so let's go over these steps in detail.

red roses and diamonds

Red Roses with a Twist

There is nothing like giving red roses to your lover to make your spouse's heart swell with love.

However, I like to add a twist to the traditional delivery of red roses for lovers who have been together for years.

I buy a dozen red roses, but instead of using a delivery service (like the flower shop), I deliver the roses to my lover.

However, before I deliver the roses to my lover, I run to the local jeweler.

I buy matching ruby earrings or a diamond tennis bracelet to go with the red roses.

Talk about being surprised! This romantic combination will (totally) catch your spouse off-guard and get your spouse's heart pumping with love!

This is a good step in the right direction to spark an (un-romantic) fizzled relationship.

a couple kissing

Your First Kiss Location

It may be years since you thought about your first kiss with your spouse, but that first kiss is a romantic memory that ties you both to a lifelong romantic journey.

Taking your spouse back to where it all began for both of you is essential.

For some couples, decades have passed, and it's difficult to remember the exact spot you and your spouse first kissed. However, the majority of couples can only remember where they kissed on their first date.

So focus either on the location of your first kiss or the area of your kiss on your official first date.

This simple step is not only romantic, but for most married couples going through a "rough spot" in their marriage, it will give your marriage a breath of new life.

For lovers who are not married, this will boost their relationship with their lover.

So go back to the beginning, when you were both hot for each other, and boost your sex life!

Give your spouse a passionate, deep, French kiss for several minutes when you arrive at the location of your first kiss.

This simple step will help repair the lost intimacy in your relationship that you have been looking for!

a romantic dinner

A Romantic Dinner With Live Music

When you live in a major metropolitan area, there are thousands of restaurants to choose from. However, finding a romantic dinner restaurant with soft, live music is difficult.

My recommendation is to Google "romantic restaurants in your area." You will find many mediocre restaurants at best and are (by no means) romantic restaurants.

Eliminate all restaurants with zero live entertainment; This will reduce your list of possibilities to about five restaurants in your city.

From the five possibilities, look at all the menus and the reviews, and then choose the best restaurant for you and your lover or spouse.

Now, you need to dress for the occasion. I recommend dressing in your best suit and dress for this date.

If you're a guy, rent a tux for this date from a local tuxedo rental shop. For women, I recommend renting a top designer gown for this date. You can go to:

It's very affordable, so check it out.

By dressing up in style, you make this date unique and create a romantic night you will not forget forever.

Remember, romance leads to passion, and passion leads to sex!

earning your spouse's love

Romance is Earning Your Spouse's Love

Think about this sub-header for a moment. What did you do when you first dated? You earned your spouse's love by being romantic.

If you want to please each other throughout your lifetime, you must be romantic every day for the rest of your life.

I've been married for 30 years, so I understand.

Marriage is hard work!

You can't be romantic every day at the same level as in this article, but you can tell your spouse that you love them (at least) twice a day and kiss them morning and night.

Some couples think that you can stop being romantic just because you won your spouse over and got married.

This is a fatal error!

You must maintain your romantic gestures daily for the rest of your life.

Simple romantic gestures, from opening doors and holding the chair for your spouse to kissing and telling your spouse "sweet nothings," go a long way in validating your relationship and keeping your spouse happy.

Every day in your relationship, work on simple romantic gestures to capture the immortal love of your spouse's heart.

You will thank me for this simple advice.

romance in front of the fireplace

A Fireplace Picnic and Sex

Now it's time to move on to the final leg of your romantic adventure.

This step may take several hours to arrive at your destination, so plan this step in advance.

For this step, you must make a reservation at a cabin, house, beachfront cottage, or ski resort rental.

The key to this step is that you need to find a rental with a fireplace.

If the property does not have a fireplace, move on with your search until you find a property with a fireplace.

Fireplaces can be very romantic when you have a fireplace picnic with your lover or spouse.

You will need the sexiest lingerie (or sex costume) you can find.

In addition, you will also need the following:

  • Sex toys, sex oils, and creams, {Affiliate Disclosure: We earn a small commission if you purchase through this link.}

  • Candles,

  • An oversized king-size comforter for the floor,

  • Fireplace wood (Duraflame logs) and matches,

  • Wine and whisky, two wine glasses and two shot glasses,

  • Food for the fireplace picnic and food for a three-day stay.

After getting comfortable and settling in, put your lingerie or sex costume on and head to the fireplace area.

Throw your oversized comforter on the floor, several feet away from the fireplace; throw a couple of the Duraflame logs in the fireplace; light the logs.

Pour your wine into your glasses and two shots of whisky into your shot glasses, and place your picnic food off to the side.

Start with a toast to each other's love, and then drink the remaining wine and the shots of whisky to set the mood for some hot, steamy sex.

Here's how my last fireplace picnic went when I rented a beachfront cottage for $210 (per night) in North Carolina (USA), near Surf City Beach.

The cottage had everything, kitchen utensils, washer and dryer, beds, furniture, towels, patio deck, etc.

The cottage was very comfortable and of high quality. The owners thought of everything.

However, there was a cleaning fee of $225 at the end of my three-day stay.

I started the fire, laid our comforter on the floor, poured two glasses of wine and two shots of Scotch for each of us, and then waited for my spouse to come in and join me.

I put my silk boxers on and placed my double-penetrating strap-on near me to take our fuck session to the next level. {Affiliate Disclosure: We earn a small commission if you purchase through this link.}

This specific strap-on is placed over my cock and balls and has a small rubber dildo to penetrate my wife's asshole while fucking her pussy. In addition, this strap-on comes with a clit tickler.

I highly recommend this device when you need to make a memorable moment you will both remember for a long time!

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Now back to my fuck session in North Carolina (USA).

My wife was dressed in black, wearing a shredded, open-cup body stocking, open crotch panties, garter belts, and black high heels. Go to

My wife was ready to fuck!

For an Oriental with long black hair, the black lingerie outfit made her hotter than hot!

Porn stars would be envious!

My dick sprang to attention the first moment I gazed at her stunning body!

We sat down, I gave her a glass of Merlot, and we toasted to our love and our relationship.

I told her, "That I loved her the moment I met her, and every day we've been together has been like a dream, and I would love her even after my death."

We gave each other a tender kiss and then a wild round of passionate French kisses!

My wife then grabbed my big cock and started sucking and tonguing my bell-shaped cock head, and then my wife proceeded to lick my cock shaft. Her tongue followed all the veins on my cock shaft.

Helen almost made me cum in her pretty little mouth right at that moment, but I was able to hold on!

My wife then licked my balls, worked her way down to my asshole, and gave my asshole a good licking.

My wife is such a good cock sucker!

I then wrapped her long black hair in my hand and fingers while she gave me head.

Helen loves it when I show some dominance while fucking!

Helen swallowed the top portion of my cock while saliva dripped down to her breasts while she gave me head.

Helen loves to rub her pussy lips and clit until she starts to pre-cum, while she's giving head!

Helen always loves to stick her tongue in my cock hole and give a final lick of my cock shaft, which signals that it's my turn.

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Her pussy hair is shaved into a perfect little heart above her clit.

Her pussy is breathtaking to look at!

I start eating her pussy; I extend my tongue as far as I can in her wet pussy hole.

Then I start licking both sides of her vagina lips, then I work her clit until she uncontrollably starts to precum.