Romantic Ideas for Your Honeymoon

Updated: Sep 11

Couple romantically in pool over-looking the ocean on a honeymoon..

**Adult Content Warning**

Romantic Honeymoons

If you're looking for information on romantic ideas for your honeymoon, then I recommend reading this article.

Your honeymoon should be exotic, romantic, and memorable. Not to mention, your honeymoon should be filled with an endless stream of sex fantasies.

In this blog post, we will talk about honeymooning on the island of Oahu in the state of Hawaii.

Hawaii is not only exotic and exciting but has activities to produce romantic sexual fantasies you and your spouse can indulge in daily.

I will examine several romantic ideas you can test to produce erotic fantasies you can remember for decades.

A romantic toast of Champaign in the morning over-looking the ocean.

Romantic Ideas for the Next Morning

You just got married and landed at your honeymoon destination. You can get drunk and forget half of your activities, or you and your new husband can do something genuinely romantic that you and your spouse will remember for a lifetime.

I recommend staying at a luxury resort condo directly in front of the beach. The water is turquoise colored and romantic just looking at it. I recommend the Kahala Hilton or the Hau Tree Lani hotel at the end of Waikiki.

What more do you want? Hot, steamy sex that will make 9 billion Earthlings smile with envy! That's what I want!!!

How are you going to get hot, steamy sex? It would help if you had a plan of action for romance. Twenty years after the honeymoon, you'll forget your daily resort activities and how many drinks you had on the first night of your honeymoon, but you will never forget your romantic events!

So let's start your planning for day two before breakfast since you need to recover from the flight that took 23 hours to get to Oahu.

So ladies, here's your chance to twist your new husbands' minds for the next 20 years. Drag your husband out of bed at 5:00 am. It's early, but he'll understand the importance of getting up early for this romantic sex adventure.

Put on some sexy lingerie that will make him cum looking at you, then cover yourself with robs. Get some strawberries and Champaign, two crystal glasses, and go to the beach.

For an hour and a half, there is no one on the beach. The Hawaiian surfers get to the beach from 6:00 am to 6:30 am. So you have an hour and thirty minutes on the beach to have sex and watch the sunrise.

Just you and your sex-starved new husband.

You start with strawberries, Champaign, and kissing. Once you're boiling for a sex meltdown, rub your pussy romantically and get your new husband's cock, rock-hard.

Now spread your legs and let him worship your pussy! Make him lick every inch of your clit and let him tongue you deep inside your pussy. Let him finger your pussy and asshole while he eats your pussy until you reach your first orgasm.

Then let him lick every last oozing girl cum out of your sweet pussy. Affiliate Disclosure: We earn a small commission if you purchase through this link.

Now it's your turn. Worship his cock like never before! Tongue every vein in his cock, lick his balls and rim his asshole. Make him dribble pre-cum, but don't let him cum yet!

Give him a blow job he will never forget!

Now let him fuck your pussy! Let him drill your pussy with his huge cock! You want orgasm number two, so fuck him good! Now, turn over and let him worship and fuck your asshole.

Let him lick your asshole and worship your dark hole like it's never been fucked before! Then turn over and let him cum in your pussy, until the cum oozes out of your pussy, and then suck every last drop of cum from his cock.

Now walk slowly into the ocean, tease your husband's desires, and have romantic, playful sex in the ocean. Then watch the sunrise as you finish your morning fantasy.

That's a way to start a romantic honeymoon!

A romantic dinner date on a honeymoon.

Romantic Ideas for the Afternoon

In the backend of Honolulu is a valley called "Manoa." If you go far enough back in the valley, there is a park trail you can hike up, and if you hike to the top, there is a bamboo forest with gorgeous, wild Hawaiian flowers on the ground.

In addition, there is wild strawberry guava growing near the trail as you proceed up the mountain trail, which is very tasty.

When you get to the top of the mountain, there is a dense bamboo forest. When the wind blows through a bamboo forest, it creates a clicking sound similar to music when you listen closely.

I laid down a blanket so my spouse and I could get horizontal. We ripped off our clothes, held hands, and watched the clouds roll by while listening to the musical clicks of the bamboo forest. This was not only romantic, but it created a sexual experience that was almost religious in nature that touched both of us.

We felt like Adam and Eve. It was truly romantic!

This experience set off our sex triggers into the on position, and we fucked romantically for an hour. We fucked like it was the last fuck of our lives!

I was able to cum twice in an hour, which is very difficult to do for a guy.

The more fantastic the sex, the more times a guy will cum. Just remember that, ladies!

My spouse had at least three hard orgasms. One when I ate her pussy, one while I fucked her pussy, and one while I rubbed her clit while I fucked her ass.

She made me drip cum on her nipples so that she could lick the cum off her stiff, hard nipples. This makes my cock rock hard just thinking about it!

This experience gave us memories we can relive over and over, decades after the fact!

A romantic get together at the pool on their honeymoon.

Romantic Ideas for Dinner and Dessert

As a guy, I know we were going for dinner at high-quality restaurants every night on our honeymoon. So it's my job to set the stage for dessert.

You will need the following:

  • A different colored rose for each romantic dinner.

  • Bring a surprise jewelry item (rings, necklaces, or bracelets) to present to your spouse mid-way through each dinner date.

  • A quote or romantic poem for each dinner date.

These romantic steps will activate your spouse's sex trigger and get her hot with anticipation for dessert gymnastics after dinner.

Romance is all about the presentation to set the mood for sex. You will need the following for your bedroom gymnastics:

  • A can of whip cream.

  • Cherries or strawberries.

  • Butt plugs and a vibrator-dildo.

  • Two sex fantasy costumes.

  • Your favorite hard alcohol.

  • KY jelly.

Once you make it back to the room, go to the shower and give each other a good cleaning of the pussy, cock, and assholes.

My spouse wore a sexy maid outfit, while I wore a fireman's outfit, which had a hole for my cock and my ass.

We did fantasy role-playing for several minutes until our pussy and cock were hot with passion. So we tore each other's clothes off and got ready for a good fucking.

My spouse always goes after my cock like a wild woman. She worships my cock, and in most cases, I'll cum right there unless I pull away. She loves the taste of my cum.

Thank God I had the good sense to pull away to save myself for the finale.

I ate her pussy until she cummed, and I fucked her ass until she squirted all over the bed.

Then we placed butt plugs in each other, and then I fucked her pussy until she came on my cock. I love it when she oozes girl cum on my cock.

It's a pleasant memory for a honeymoon.

We poured bourbon all over our bodies and licked every drop off each other's bodies. My spouse was using the big vibrator on her clit. When I saw her make it to her final orgasm, I pulled out and came all over her mouth and tities. Affiliate Disclosure: We earn a small commission if you purchase through this link.

She then proceeded to lick all the cum off my cock and her hands. I came hard that night!

We never got to the whipped cream or the strawberries.

That's how the first night of bedroom gymnastics ended, but I was able to drag my spouse to the shower after resting for ninety minutes. We then put our robes on and went to the ocean around 11:30 pm.

We just lay naked together on the beach, with sand up our asses, before returning to our room. It was nice to look at the stars naked while listening to the ocean. That was romantic in itself.

That's how the first complete day of our honeymoon ended.

Romantic toasting over a cliff with ocean in the background on their honeymoon.


So the key to the honeymoon is not the drinking, but the romantic location to set the stage for romance and hot, steamy sex.

So choose your honeymoon destination carefully. It's one of the most critical decisions a married couple will make.


John Wellington