Romantic Ideas for Valentine's Day

Updated: Sep 11

romantic Ideas for Valentine's Day

**Adult Content Warning**

Step #1: Determine Your Valentine's Day Destination

If you're looking for romantic ideas for Valentine's Day, then this is the article for you.

Every romantic gesture starts with a destination to make your spouse feel special, and Valentine's Day is no different.

Think about your spouse for a moment. Does he or she like the water, the mountains, lakes, the woods, exotic locations, or the city?

You can be like everyone else and buy a dozen roses and take your spouse to the same old, boring restaurant that you took them to last year, or you can do something truly romantic.

What do you mean, John? I can't afford to go to Paris, France. Determining a romantic destination does not need to cost a great deal of money.

However, it would be best if you found a destination that will relax your spouse and show you care about him or her.

Find a destination in your state, county, or province. Where is it tranquil or pretty or has unique attractions? Will the destination evoke an emotion in your spouse?

If it does not, then look elsewhere for a suitable place for Valentine's Day (based on your budget).

The beach, the mountains, a lake, or a river is the perfect place to be romantic. You can create a picnic basket full of edible goodies, two glasses and a bottle of wine.

In addition, you will need a large blanket and gas money. This may cost you $100 total.

If you can afford to spend more, investigate a bed and breakfast hotel at a romantic location. This will cost anywhere from $180 to $500 a night.

I have gone on road trips and found some romantic bed and breakfast hotels.

If you can afford it, take your spouse to an exotic, romantic location (such as the French Riviera). The key is not to tell your spouse they are going until 48 hours before you go.

This adds to the overall excitement and gets your spouse in the right mood for Valentine's.

Next, determine if the destination offers a place a couple can go for outdoor sex without being seen.

Without sex, Valentine's Day becomes a hollow, ordinary weekday.

Now that you have a destination, you need to add additional excitement to Valentine's.

The key to being romantic is modifying the day so that it will be remembered for decades, so let's proceed to the next step.

Happy Valentine's Day as Man Delivers Flowers to His Girl

Step #2: Outdoor Sex

I always make certain I have outdoor sex on Valentine's Day. You want to make certain your spouse not only feels great, but you want your spouse to have fantastic memories for years to come.

Whether you have sex at the beach, in the woods, on a lake, near a river, or near a city structure (like the Eiffel Tower in Paris, France), you need to plan for outdoor sex on Valentine's Day.

You must make the outdoor sex memorable for you and your spouse! So make sure you plan accordingly.

A Rose Presentation Box With Ring

Step #3: The Surprise Gift

There is nothing more pleasurable than a surprise jewelry gift that your spouse is unaware he or she is going to receive.

When you give a surprise gift of jewelry, your spouse's happiness meter leaps to its max setting in a matter of moments.

I always give a unique piece of jewelry on Valentine's Day!

Jewelry does not need to be expensive. You can buy a quality synthetic ruby ring, earrings, bracelet, choker, necklace, or body jewelry.

Make certain the jewelry is red or red and clear for Valentine's Day.

There is fashion jewelry, semi-fine, and fine jewelry. With a budget of $100, you can buy a synthetic diamond ring (called "moissanite") or a synthetic ruby ring.

You can find this type of jewelry on Amazon or AliExpress or go to a physical store (such as JC Penny). In addition, you can buy jewelry on my website.

You can also find semi-fine jewelry at the above vendors. However, for fine jewelry, I would go to a high-quality jeweler near you.

The cost of fine jewelry can range anywhere from $2,500 to $250,000. So be careful.

Another point I would like to bring up is the presentation of the jewelry the moment you present it to your spouse.

I have included a rose ring presentation box on my website. The box opens up and the artificial rose unfolds with the ring inside.

You want to be as romantic as possible in delivering the piece of jewelry to your spouse.

The presentation of the gift is critical on Valentine's Day!

The next issue you must address is where are you going to present the gift to your spouse? Are you going to present the gift at dinner, in your hotel room, or outside (like on the beach)?

I have delivered many, many jewelry gifts on Valentine's Day, and I have chosen many different places to give the gifts to my spouse.

It really will not matter to your spouse; your spouse's happiness meter will shoot off the scale once you deliver the gift to your lover.

Valentine's Dinner and Toast

Step #4: Dinner on Valentine's Day

This step is very important, since this is the moment you can both toast to each other's love.

Not to mention, if you wish to give your Valentine a jewelry gift, this is a perfect opportunity to give your spouse the gift at dinner.

What type of dinner should I take my spouse to on Valentine's Day? I recommend an Italian dinner since they offer a great assortment of fine wines, a quality dessert, and quality entrees.

You should budget $180 for dinner on Valentine's Day. Make sure both of you are well dressed in your best outfits.

You want to look your best for Valentine's Day.

Now you need to move to the final steps of the day, which is hot, steamy sex.

The Romantic Twist - Dinner on the ocean

Step #5: The Romantic Twist

This is where you make Valentine's Day truly memorable for decades into the future.

I usually apply the romantic twist to outdoor sex or sex in the evening (or both).

Let me give you an example:

Let's say you're planning on having outdoor sex, but you want to remember the outdoor sex for decades. Then you need to add a romantic twist to the event.

I was in Krabi, Thailand at the Rayavdee Resort and Spa for Valentine's Day, so my spouse and I decided to go on a helicopter ride and look at the gorgeous ocean scenery.

A normal activity for vacationers.

I gave the pilot a $100 tip upfront when I confronted the helicopter pilot. I told him we want to have sex while we are enjoying the helicopter ride.

I told pilot an additional bonus would be given when the helicopter ride is finished. Just try not to look back at us in the back seat.

At first the pilot was reluctant, then I pulled out a fifty dollar bill, and then he said, "OK."

My spouse was wearing a mini-skirt, like cheerleaders wear, with a halter top and tiny white girly socks and high-heels.

She looked very cute! My cock was rock hard just looking at her!

We got in the helicopter and took off, and we looked at the breathtaking coastline for several minutes. Then I could not help myself, I lifted her dress up, then reached in behind her panties, and then stuck my forefinger up her asshole. Affiliate Disclosure: We earn a small commission if you purchase through this link.

I could tell there was a little "poop-grease" in her asshole, so my finger slid right in. However, she let out the following pleasure yelp: "O'my God! "You're a naughty boy! "

She then lightly slapped me on my leg. She then whispered in my ear, "That feels so good!"

Then she started to wiggle her hot ass on my finger, trying to fuck my finger up and down while seated in the helicopter.

With my left hand, I reached in and massaged her right breast.

Her nipple was pointed at attention, and so were the little bumps in her areola. Just looking at her nipples and areola made my cock rock hard. I could feel my cock trying to wiggle out of my boxers!

My spouse was looking so fine!

I was wearing zippered dress shorts, and my spouse turned around and put her hand right on my cock area.

My spouse looked to make certain the pilot was not looking in his mirror to check on us, then she started rubbing my rock hard cock, and then she unzipped me.

She pulled my stiff cock out of my boxers and started to give me head right there in the helicopter.

You could hear the sloppy head sound. "Gulk, gulk, gulk."

I saw the pilot look in his mirror, and he was smiling from ear to ear!

Thank God he was a good pilot! I'm sure he had a hard time concentrating on piloting the helicopter.

It was very hard for me to concentrate. I knew I was going to cum, so I told my wife, "You better get on top of me because I'm going to shoot my load."

My spouse sat right on top of me, with her back to my face, and she pulled her panties to one side and put my big cock right in her wet, hot pussy!

She replied, "Oh, that feels so good!"

She then fucked me, right in the helicopter. Her hot, wet pussy went up and down on my big cock!

Talk about a fantasy coming true. It only took me about five minutes to cum!

I could not hold it!

No matter what I was thinking. I just could not hold back my cum. I shot my huge load into her hot, wet pussy!

As I shot my load, I grabbed her titties from behind, and my spouse started to cum, and she oozed girl cum on my cock.

Her pussy was dripping gobs of cum back onto my cock. It was such a wonderful sight!

I could see both our cum running out of her pussy as I lifted her above my big cock.

The hot cum was all over my cock, and the oozing cum from her pussy was dripping down all over my dress shorts.

My spouse turned around and gave my cock a good licking. She tongued the bell of my cock, and then licked my shaft like a lollipop! She licked all the goo from my cock!

She's addicted to the taste of cum!

Finally, she gave a final suck to draw out the last remaining cum from my cock-hole, and then licked my cock shaft down to my balls for one final cum-clean.

My spouse is a true pro at cock-sucking!

Then I zipped up, my spouse adjusted her panties, and we gave each other a nice little kiss, and we both laughed.

That was the best helicopter ride I ever took!

We did get to see some of the coastline as we headed back, and the pilot did give us a recorded tape of what we missed, so it was not a total waste of money.

I had nothing to wipe my finger with when we landed and got out since my finger still had poop grease on it.

So, I got creative and emptied all my contents out of my right pocket and placed those items in my left pocket, and then pulled out my right pocket lining in my shorts, and then used the pocket lining to wipe my forefinger of poop-grease.

Laugh, but everyone in the helicopter office would start to smell something.

As we walked back to the helicopter office, I gave the pilot an additional $200 for being a great sport. He padded me on the back and told me: "That was the best ride of my career!"