Romantic Ideas for the Bedroom

Updated: Sep 11

Romantic Ideas for the Bedroom

**Adult Content Warning**


Before we talk about romance ideas for the bedroom, we need to go over some relationship fundamentals.

So let's dive in.

Does Your Spouse Deserve Romance and Sex?

A spouse can be challenging to love at certain times in your marriage or relationship.

When your relationship goes sideways, you can either be hateful or switch to your kind, loving, and romantic side.

Ask yourself, "Do you love your spouse?" If the answer is yes, switch to your kind, loving, romantic side.

If you're on the rocks in your relationship, these times will define your marriage or relationship, so it's essential to be romantic when the "chips are down."

romance after I have kids

Should I Be Romantic After I Have Kids?

Too many relationships end in divorce court because what attracted two people to each other fizzled away after kids, and the hot romance you both enjoyed at the start of the relationship vanished like the wind!

Romance is a two-way street!

If you and your spouse don't equally invest in romantic gestures continuously, your marriage or relationship will wither and die!

I still invest in romance on a daily or weekly basis after decades of being married.

Maybe that's why I'm still married after all these years. It's not because I secretly understand the opposite sex better than most men, because I don't!

I simply invest in romance on a daily or weekly basis.

Once you stop being romantic, you can kiss your marriage or relationship goodbye!

Love Signals

Daily Love Signals

Each person needs daily assurance that they are loved. Once you stop with the daily love signals, the relationship will spiral downward to divorce court.

OK, John, what are love signals?

When I first see my spouse in the morning, I hug and kiss her and say I love you. When I call her each day at noon, I say I love you at the end of our conversation. When I come home, I hug and kiss her and tell her I love her. When I go to bed at night, I hug and kiss her and tell her I love her.

Sounds pretty simple, but you would be amazed at how many couples stop giving each other love signals.

People yearn to be loved, and if you fail in delivering love signals to your spouse, they will seek a new spouse.

It's that simple!

Having sex in the morning.

You're Morning Ritual

Everyone wants daily sex. I like it in the morning. My wife gives me a "quickie," whether oral, vaginal, or anal, every morning.

God, I love that woman!

My wife still has that lustful gleam in her eye and wants a deposit of cum every morning.

I have heard women stop wanting sex as they get older, but that did not happen in my bedroom.

My wife believes a wife must relieve a man of his cum.

If a woman is loved by a kind man and financially taken care of, she wants to do her part by sexually making her man happy.

By keeping her man happy, her man will continue to love her dearly for the rest of her life.

I also believe that once this fundamental concept of daily sex stops, most men will seek a new spouse.

So, I recommend a daily ritual of sex until it becomes medically impossible for you to have sex.

My father told me, "Son, the only thing you will remember when you get old, is the romance and sex in your life." Everything else will be a blur. So be romantic and keep fucking your wife until the very end! "

And I never stopped, and neither should you!

flowers, a Card, and Dinner

Flowers and a Card

I have met some women who do not believe in the simple romantic gesture of giving flowers and cards as a preliminary step before sex.

I say these women have been hurt too often by men who were not sincere, kind, bad lovers, or unwilling to care for a woman mentally and financially.

Knights do exist!

You just need to look for kind, gentle, and romantic men.

Back to my discussion concerning giving flowers and a card. How often do I give flowers and a card to my spouse? I give flowers and a card to my wife once a month.

My wife sees the flowers in our house, which are not only beautiful, but the flowers remind her of my love and devotion to her as my wife.

So send flowers to your spouse or lover once a month, or weekly, if you just started your relationship.

Your spouse will love you for it!

A Romantic Dinner

Romantic Dinners

I either make dinner or take my spouse to dinner each Friday night.

Usually, my wife makes breakfast, lunch, and dinner every day. My wife cleans and scrubs the house and washes all our clothes daily.

So when I make a gourmet dinner or take my wife out for dinner, she takes notice, and I earn points in her heart as a husband.

I make sure we eat by candlelight when I make dinner at home. It's a small romantic step, but it turns a simple dinner into a romantic event.

Talking Dirty to Your Spouse

Talking Dirty to Your Spouse

Once I get to dessert, I start talking dirty to my wife.

My wife loves it when I talk dirty to her. My wife starts rubbing her pussy with her fingers whenever I talk dirty to her.

What do I say to get my wife hot and bothered? I usually start talking about how I would love to eat her pussy and fuck her slow and fast until she cums.

Usually, my wife will start talking dirty as soon as I start talking dirty, and sometimes she starts talking dirty before I even start thinking about any perverted thoughts.

She usually starts talking about how she would like to suck my big cock and stick her finger up my ass so I cum in her pretty mouth.

Sometimes my wife tells me she wants to lick my cock until she gets every last bit of cum out of my cock. My wife loves to torture me with her perverted, dirty talk.

My wife adds fuel to the fire and starts talking about how her pussy is hot and wet for my cock, and she wants me to fuck her until I cum in her pussy!

By this time, dinner will be over, and I will repeatedly wave to the waiter so that I can pay the check, so we can leave the restaurant.

Sometimes we never make it back to the house, my cock is ready to cum, and my wife wants to fuck me or give me head in the car while we're still in the parking lot.

And I cum in her mouth or pussy!

I don't care who's watching us! My cum is backed up, and I have to shoot my load in her little mouth or pussy!

Sometimes, while we French kiss in the car, I get my fingers in her pussy and masturbate her hot, wet pussy.

My wife often cums and pisses on the front seat of the car.

The last time this happened, a couple watched us from my driver's window, two feet away. They were hot and ready to fuck!

I rolled the window down and asked if they would like to join us for a foursome. They both agreed, so I got their phone number, and asked them over for dinner and drinks!

Romantic Music, Wine, and Conversations

Romantic Music, Wine, and Conversations

Setting the romantic tone for the evening is simple.

You turn on some soft music, pour two glasses of wine, start drinking, and start talking about anything that comes to your mind.

What you don't want to do is talk about work or have conversations that make your spouse uncomfortable.

The whole point of having a romantic evening is to identify what you like about your spouse, stories of the past that relate to romance, or why you love your spouse.

Once you both feel good from the wine, it's time to move on to the bedroom.

Traditional Romantic Ideas for the Bedroom

Traditional Romantic Ideas for the Bedroom

Once we finish a candlelit dinner, the next step is the bedroom.

My wife always puts on the sexiest lingerie outfit she can purchase.

I usually put my silk boxers on, wait for my wife to walk in, and torture me with her stripper moves. Bending over, slowly taking her lingerie off ever so slowly.

By the time my wife has only her high-heals on, my cock is beyond rock hard. I can feel the pre-cum slowly ebbing out of my bell-shaped cock.

I dive into her wet, hot pussy like a man dying of thirst! And the watering hole is my wife's pussy!

I work my wife's pussy with her large muscle vibrator she keeps next to our bed. {Affiliate Disclosure: We earn a small commission if you purchase through this link.}

I work the vibrator on her pussy, until I can see cum flowing out of her pussy.

Then, I dive in and slowly eat her wet, hot pussy!

I start sucking her pussy lips and use my entire tongue to lick her pussy. Then I stick my tongue in her pussy, while my wife uses a smaller vibrator on her clit, until she orgasms!

When I see the second flow of cum flowing out of her pussy, I stick my huge cock into her pussy, and slowly fuck her hot, wet pussy until she cums again.

Then I start seeing her quiver from side to side, and she star