Romantic Ideas for Married Couples

Updated: Sep 11

A married couple holding each other.

**Adult Content Warning**

If you're looking for romantic ideas for married couples, then read this entire article.

If you're willing to climb any mountain for your spouse, then you should fulfill their secret sexual desires. You will not make your spouse and yourself happy by hiding your sexual fantasies from each other.

I've been married to the same woman for thirty years, and if we had not fulfilled each other's sexual fantasies, we would have been divorced long ago.

I watched a movie on ShowMax of four couples going through marriage counseling with a marriage therapist.

The couples went through a 90-day session with the marriage therapist, and not one pair spoke about sex in any detail over three months.

At the end of the 90 days, all four couples got divorced. Why? One spouse in each couple was unwilling to admit it on camera; they were unwilling to give their spouse the sexual wants and desires they needed in their marriage.

Think about this for a moment: would you be willing to leave your spouse if they fulfilled all your sexual desires?

I'm sure the answer is no.

If you want to keep your spouse, hold your spouse close to your heart—forever! Fulfill your spouse's sexual desires and you will have a much happier marriage.

Ask yourself, "Do you want to be happy throughout your life?" Then stop with the bullshit, and give your spouse the sexual wants and desires that your spouse begs you to fill.

You may feel uneasy with these marital steps, but you will save your relationship from divorce or suffer a "rocky" (hard) relationship for a very long time.

You do not want a relationship that causes bitterness and anger towards each other for a long time. The key is to give your spouse the sexual wants and desires they need to live a happy life.

Everything else in life will work itself out.

Just follow the steps below, and you'll make your marriage a happy and loving relationship.

Masturbation techniques.

Step #1 - Masturbation Secrets

Everyone masturbates and cums based on how they touch themselves. You need to find out how your spouse masturbates so you can help them cum easier while you have sex together.

Once you understand your spouse's masturbation process, it will make you a better lover.

Ask yourself, "Would you be happy if your spouse could not make you cum?" I'm sure the answer is no. Eventually, this unhappiness will turn to bitterness, ultimately leading to divorce.

So, before you do anything about romance, have an intimate Sunday morning understanding of how your spouse likes to be touched when they masturbate.

Find out the exact steps in their masturbation process that lead them to cum.

Once you understand their masturbation process, incorporate their masturbation techniques into your fuck sessions with your spouse.

Helping your spouse relax and cum, creates a stronger relationship and a stronger marriage.

Everything else in marriage will work itself out.

What Words to Say During Sex

Step #2 - Understanding What Words to Say During Sex

It amazes me to hear women and men completely screw up their sexual encounters with their spouses by saying the wrong words during sex.

There are many negative words that can psychologically damage a spouse from cumming.

You might as well get divorced if you intend to hurt your spouse on a fundamental level during sex.

However, if you're a kind and loving spouse, then it's your duty as a loving spouse to say words that help make your spouse cum.

Find out from your spouse what words they would like to hear while having sex.

The list is endless.

Sweet nothings do not cost anything, but they play a pivotal role in triggering your spouse to cum and keeping your marriage a happy and loving relationship.

So make sure you ask your spouse what words they want to hear while having sex.

It will play an essential role in having sex with your spouse.

Girl Wearing Sexy Lingerie.

Step #3 - What to Wear While Having Sex

For most married couples, sex on the weekend is their only opportunity to have great sex. Still, it is rare for them to take the next step and wear something sexy before their sexual encounter.

This is a BIG mistake!

Sex costumes and lingerie enhance and excite your sexual encounters with your spouse.

Go through porn videos with your spouse and find out what sex costumes and lingerie turn on your spouse.

Amazingly, some sex costumes and lingerie may seem sexy to one partner, but in reality, your spouse may not be turned-on (at all) by the sex costumes and lingerie you think are sexy.

Sex costumes and lingerie are like visual triggers for the mind. The more sexy the costume or lingerie is to the other spouse, the more they will cum.

Ask your spouse, "Is this what you want me to wear for our weekend sex or our upcoming vacation?"

You will likely be surprised by your spouse's sexual fantasies.

The sexier you present yourself to your spouse, the harder your spouse will cum.

It's that simple.

Sex Toy's.

Step #4 - Sex Toys

Now, it's time to talk about heightening your sexual experience while having sex, and this should apply to both women and men.

When I was younger, sex toys were not even an afterthought, but you learn some valuable lessons along the way as you get older. Affiliate Disclosure: We earn a small commission if you purchase through this link.

Everyone should enhance their sexual enjoyment by routinely using sex toys in their fuck sessions with their spouses.

I recommend going to the above tab (Sex Toys) and clicking on the graphic to evaluate the latest and greatest sex toys for each gender.

Test out the sex toys while having sex.

They will increase the number of times you cum, so I recommend you use them regularly!

Romantically Holding hands

Step #5 - Weekly Romantic Gestures

When I'm working, I call my spouse daily and tell her, "I love you!" I don't have the time, but I do it anyway.

Why? Because it creates a romantic signal in her mind that I love her, and she replies in kind.

Holding hands is almost silly as an adult! However, it shows my spouse that I love her. I recommend holding your spouse's hand, even if you don't feel like it.

It signals to your spouse that you truly love them. It's like food for the heart, and your spouse needs this type of food to live a happy life!

So start holding hands, even if you have been married for decades!

A Couple Being Romantic

Step #6-Romantic Ideas to Keep Your Spouse Smiling

My best advice concerning romantic ideas is to create romantic events when your spouse least expects romance.

Be creative when you create romantic events for your spouse. The more creative you are concerning romance, the greater your sexual desire will be for each other.

When you expect a "quickie," marriage becomes boring, and you both go off to work. Sex becomes just OK, and a spouse may look to have an affair on the side to create the hot sex they need to fulfill their sexual desires.

You need to go back to the fundamentals, where you create excitement and lust for your relationship.

Let me give you an example of what happened to me last month. It was a Wednesday, a typical workday, and I worked 12 hours that day.

This day was not my birthday or any memorable holiday; it was just an ordinary "hump day."

I came home like usual. I opened the door, and my spouse was stark naked, wearing a see-through lingerie outfit and high heels.

My spouse looked breathtaking! I got an immediate hard-on just looking at her! Affiliate Disclosure: We earn a small commission if you purchase through this link.

In addition, my wife was holding my favorite beer (a Corona) in her right hand and told me in a loving, caring voice, "Honey, here's a cold beer. Take your clothes off, and I will give you a neck and shoulder massage."

My wife (totally) caught me off guard!

My wife tells me, "Hurry, I have a surprise for you!" OK, so I quickly get my Hawaiian beach shorts on and return to the living room.

I could see a candle-lit dinner waiting at the dinner table, but the food was in Styrofoam boxes. I ask my wife, "What type of food is in the Styrofoam boxes?"

My wife replies, "Your favorite bacon cheeseburger, garlic fries, and ranch dressing with chili-peppers from your favorite burger joint down the block."

My God, my wife is so good to me!

I can see a plastic cooler next to my Lazy Boy chair with crushed ice in the cooler and six Coronas sticking out of the crushed ice.

Talk about romance. My wife has pulled off one of the best romantic gestures for a guy!

My wife then tells me she got a digital copy of last year's Super Bowl from her friend Joan, who is married to a football maniac, and he has hooked up a CD player to our TV set.


My wife then tells me, "Honey, let's eat dinner; then you can fuck me any way you want, and then I'll spoon-feed you ice cream for dessert." And once you're done with dessert, I'll turn the football game on and then give you a foot massage and a pedicure. And when the game is over, I will tuck you into bed. "

Talk about a surprise romantic gesture. This was it!

Thank you, God!

That was one of the best romantic gestures my wife has done for me in a long time!

It was simple but super-effective!

I hope that gives you some ideas on being romantic as a married couple.

As you can see, the key to being romantic as a married couple is to catch your spouse off guard completely.

I hope you enjoyed this week's blog post.


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