Romantic Ideas for Dates

Updated: Sep 11

Romantic lovers on a date.

**Adult Content Warning**

Step #1 - You're First Two Dates

When you're looking for romantic ideas for dates, your first two dates with a potential new lover should be coffee shop dates. Why?

The first coffee shop date allows you to analyze your potential lover and get up and leave when you determine your date is a "toad or demented princess."

If your date on the first coffee shop date has qualities you like, then make a second coffee shop date.

There is nothing profound or expensive about coffee shop dates involving the first two dates.

The point with coffee shop dates is to find any possible conflicts or dislikes that would kill your relationship.

It's also essential to find any similar interests you both have in common to build a long-term relationship.

However, sometimes "opposites attract" in a relationship. The key to opposite attraction is that there must be a magnetic sexual attraction!

I highly recommend the third date if you have similar interests or a magnetic sexual attraction for each other on the second coffee date.

The third date will be your first romantic dinner date.

Your objective in being romantic is to create a stronger bond so your relationship can develop over time between you and your new lover.

There are several steps after your first two coffee shop dates that you should follow, so let's cover these steps in detail.

Romantic red roses sent to al over.

Step #2 – Sending Flowers Before Your First Dinner Date

Sending flowers to a lover is almost a cliché, but it's romantic and very effective in strengthening the bond between two lovers.

I don't know anyone who does not want long-stemmed, red roses sent to them out of the blue.

When your lover sends the roses, receiving long-stemmed, red roses causes the heart rate to increase (swell with love).

This assumes the receiver of the roses is attracted to the sender.

However, I would not send red roses to a (potential) new lover who is not (indeed) attracted to you.

How can you tell if someone is (indeed) attracted to you? If your date does the following, then your date is genuinely attracted to you:

  • Your date smiles with love and kindness towards you.

  • Your date has reached out to you and physically touched you (in a gentle fashion), kissed you, or held your hands.

  • Your date has called you back (quickly) and expressed their love towards you.

You can tell if someone is not attracted to you.

You will get the verbal and non-verbal signals before you even contemplate taking the step of buying red roses for a (potential) new lover.

I would highly recommend sending a romantic card with the roses you send to your new lover.

However, you must think carefully about what you'll say on the card with the red roses.

Do not say something generic!

Do not write a simple, boring, unromantic text on the card. You won't impress your lover!

The text on the card must express your innermost feelings of love.

A new lover will place each word in their heart as gospel! Each word is fuel for the fire in your lover's heart.

One thing you don't want to say in your romantic text to your new lover is any adult or pornographic text.

This is not romantic!

However, when your relationship is starting to blossom, a love letter or email with some adult or pornographic text would be advisable to turn up the heat of passion for your new lover.

What words would be appropriate to say in a written text when your red roses are delivered to your new lover? Emotional, loving text from your heart.

Here are three examples of the text to be placed on the card:

  • May the red rose's fragrance represent my love for your sparkling eyes, gentle kiss, and your loving heart. Love, XXX.

  • Your gentle voice and gorgeous smile carry my soul through the day and night. May the fragrance of these roses swell your heart with my endearing love for you. Love, XXX.

  • My heart beats solely for your love. May these red roses represent my devotion to your loving heart. Love, XXX.

You must be creative when writing the text for cards for red roses delivered to your lover.

Do not send flowers such as daffodils, tulips, and sunflowers. These flowers are sent to non-lovers, such as your mother, grandmother, or sisters.

The more romantic you are, the stronger your relationship will be. It's that simple!

How many times should you send flowers before your first dinner date?

Do it only once!

You need your new lover to call you and express their love for you so that you can determine the strength of your new relationship.

If you determine that the relationship is ready for a romantic dinner date, proceed to the next step.

A romantic Dinner Date.

Step #3 - Your First Romantic Dinner Date

You must think carefully about where you will take your new lover on your first romantic dinner date.

Ask yourself, "Is the restaurant located in a romantic area?"

Can I take a stroll on the sidewalks, lake, beach, or forest without fear of being held up? Is there a place near the restaurant where we can hold hands, window shop, and discuss personal issues of the heart? "

And most importantly, is there a place where you can kiss and make out as a new couple?

For some of you, you will go beyond your first kiss. However, for some couples, your first romantic dinner date will be your first opportunity to French kiss each other.

Even as an adult, the thought of the first kiss can be highly compelling on a sexual level!

It turns (tough-minded) adults into sixteen-year-old teenagers just for a couple of minutes.

It's breathtaking!

You don't want to reflect on your life and remember your first romantic dinner date in the wrong location. You need romantic surroundings to make the moment of your first kiss as a couple memorable!

So choose your first date's location carefully.

Once you choose your first date location, evaluate all the restaurants in that area.

Make two reservations, just in case your new lover does not like the menu for the first restaurant reservation.

I always choose two extremes regarding restaurants for the first romantic dinner date.

I will choose between a sushi/fish restaurant and an Italian restaurant. With these two types of restaurants, you have a good chance your new lover will like one of them.

I will always Google the area for restaurants that provide music and dancing. These restaurants are very romantic, and these are the restaurants you want to target!

There are always three relationship killers you need to discover on your first romantic dinner date.

Here is my list of relationship killers I want to find out in the first romantic dinner:

1. Is my new lover a meat eater?

2. Does my new lover drink alcohol?

3. Is my new lover willing to eat carbs and sugar on a romantic dinner date?

If my new lover is not a meat-eater, I will not pursue a second dinner date. That's the relationship killer for me.

If my new lover does not drink alcohol, that's OK, but she must be willing to sip a minimal amount of alcohol and toast our new relationship when we go out for a romantic dinner date.

If she's not willing to toast to our new relationship at a romantic dinner, then that's a relationship killer for me.

Toasting is romantic, and anyone who is not romantic is someone I'm not willing to pursue in a serious relationship.

And finally, if my date is unwilling to eat carbs or sugar at a romantic dinner, that's a relationship killer for me.

Don't get me wrong; I love the keto diet. Dieting has its place, but not on a romantic dinner date.

If a woman is concerned about carbs or unwilling to eat dessert on a romantic dinner date, I'm not willing to pursue the relationship.

These are essential issues you must discover on your first romantic dinner date.

In addition, it's essential to expand on the information you discovered on your first two coffee dates. It's essential to find out what you and your new lover have in common.

This will determine whether your relationship will succeed or fail in the long term.

It could be as simple as what pizza you both like to eat, hiking in national parks, politics, what type of sex turns you on or off, or having children.

It's essential to discuss these issues early in your relationship. You don't want to end up in a divorce in the future.

At dessert, this will be an excellent chance to make your move and kiss for the first time.

Or after dinner, you can take a romantic walk near the restaurant, look at the stars, hold hands, window shop, and most importantly, romantically French kiss each other!

The heavy French kissing will lead to the next step, which is your first time having sex as a couple.

Having sex as a couple.

Step #4: Your First Time Having Sex as a Couple

I read somewhere that 46% of couples have sex for the first time on their first date together.

This is a mistake.

These are probably the same people who end up in divorce court, fighting over who gets the china.

If you just want to fuck, go for it!

However, if you want a long-term relationship, I recommend the three-step process above.

Now it's time to fuck. Where should you fuck for the first time? I recommend going to a quality hotel for your first fuck session.

Why? Sometimes a new lover can be a lousy lover or a lover with strange sexual preferences (beating, choking, etc.).

So you don't want a quasi-psycho person to know your home address or take this quasi-psycho inside your bedroom!

I do not want to die in my bedroom!

So let this first fuck be inside a quality hotel with security. At least you can call out for help, and someone will hopefully come to save you.

Not to mention, if you are severely beaten up, you can walk away, get medical attention, or change your phone number, which will end that relationship.

Let's say your new lover is a fantastic fuck with a big cock, makes a decent income, has a great personality, and makes you laugh.

OK, you have a winner!

Now you can call your girlfriends and tell them the good news.

The key to a good fuck (in my opinion), did your new lover make you cum multiple times? Did your new lover cum several times? Did you curl up romantically after the fuck and talk to each other?

I also like a second fuck session the next morning before you have breakfast in bed.

If these all occurred in your first fuck together, I would proceed forward with many more dates together in the future.

Now you can think about marriage!