Romantic Ideas for Christmas

Updated: Sep 11

Being romantic on Christmas.

**Adult Content Warning**

If you're looking for romantic ideas for Christmas, then this is the article for you.

It's the nature of Christmas that makes this holiday special. Whether you're talking about the goodwill people express to each other, the gift-giving or the general happiness people express at this time of year.

My family has always made sure that the Christmas holiday, which includes Christmas Eve, Christmas, and Boxing Day, has a special place in our hearts and minds.

We think about only four things on these three vacation days each year: delicious food, sports and classic Christmas movies on TV, romance and sex, and gift-giving.

That's it!

Being romantic for Christmas.

A Romantic Dinner on Christmas Eve

On Christmas Eve, we have a romantic dinner and exchange two unique gifts for each other.

You can get creative on Christmas Eve and have hot, steamy sex when you don't have children.

You need to understand the following essential point about Christmas Eve; get off your ass and treat your spouse like the king or queen he or she deserves!

Most spouses work very hard on Christmas. They do all the cooking and clean up everyone's mess on Christmas.

It's a tough job!

What I do on Christmas Eve is honor my spouse. I do all the cooking and all the cleaning.

I cook a gourmet dinner for my spouse! And be aware that I am not a gourmet cook by any stretch of the word.

I am just a loving husband!

It's not hard to cook a Christmas Eve dinner. You buy a cookbook with colorful pictures and detailed instructions, buy the ingredients, and cook a fantastic meal!

However, I do cut corners to make a great-tasting meal.

I bought a pie and some ice cream at the supermarket to eliminate the need to cook dessert, which I feel is beyond my skills as a husband.

I focused on an Italian dinner since it would be easier to cook an Italian entry.

Now, I needed to buy fresh Italian bread, which was easy. A bakery was just down the road, so I went and bought fresh bread on Christmas Eve.

Appetizers were also easy to create. I needed virgin olive oil, roasted tomatoes, ricotta cheese, roasted garlic, and prosciutto meat.

I roasted the tomatoes and garlic and place the items on the appetizer plates.

The appetizers can now be removed from my checklist of things to do.

I decided to cook veal saltimbocca, which is pan-fried veal cooked in white wine and wrapped in prosciutto. From the sounds of it, even I could not mess up this recipe.

Little did I know!

So I went down to an Italian restaurant and ordered three veal fillets (uncooked) and hand-made spaghetti (uncooked).

I figured I would test the cooking instructions on one of the veil cutlets and learn from my mistakes before cooking the remaining veil cutlets for my spouse and myself.

Thank God I did a test because I screwed up and over-cooked the veal cutlet on the first round.

In the second round, the veal cutlets came out looking like the picture in the cookbook.

Next, I unzipped a pre-mixed, cut salad and added a purchased Caesar salad dressing. There was no way; I could have pulled off making Caesar salad dressing from scratch. So, I eliminated the Caesar salad from my to-do list.

Next, I was making "aglio e olio" spaghetti. I had all the ingredients. All I had to do was watch the YouTube video to show me exactly how to make the dish. I made good-tasting spaghetti, and the kitchen wasn't destroyed!

Thank you, God!

I got the fine china and crystal glasses, two candle holders, and candles.

All set for dinner.

I served dinner under candlelight and low lighting, making the room look romantic!

I served red wine and iced water with dinner, and we began to eat our dinner, and by the luck of God, the dinner tasted good!

My spouse was enjoying the romantic dinner I made for her.

I earned some major relationship points in her mind for making a romantic dinner on Christmas Eve!

My spouse wore a Jamillia dress with side cuts and a dramatic side seam slit. She looked FUCKING hot! Affiliate Disclosure: We earn a small commission if you purchase through this link.

She was wearing no underwear or bra, so my dick was rock hard throughout dinner.

I wanted to rape her on the dinner table and fuck her right there, but I promised myself I would be a gentleman and give her the romantic dinner she deserved!

Once dinner was finished, I cleaned the kitchen and all the dirty pans, bowls, plates, and silverware.

I even cleaned the oven and the floor!

My spouse loved every moment of the reverse role-playing. Once I was finished, I served the dessert in the living room.

We then romantically spoon-fed the ice cream and pie to each other.

I then went to the Christmas tree, got our four Christmas Eve gifts out, and passed them out.

My spouse went first and opened her gift, and she marveled that I had bought her a synthetic blue sapphire and diamond bracelet with matching earrings.

She replied, "Oh my God, you're such a good husband!"

I opened my main gift; it was a designer gold and diamond watch. It looked fantastic!

I thought to myself, "I will get mugged for wearing this watch, but it looks fantastic!"

Now, it was Helen's turn to open up her gag gift. I bought her a Christmas lingerie corset (called "Mrs. Santa Bustier"), which was a red-colored lingerie with white fury stuff along the edges and black designer nylons.

The lingerie was very sexy!

My spouse took her designer dress off and immediately put her Christmas outfit on. Helen looked smokin' hot!

I could barely control myself! I thought I was going to cum right there!

Now it was my turn to open my gag gift. I opened the package. As I opened the gift box, I said to myself, "Please God, anything but a traditional Santa outfit!"

The following items were in the box: a hard candy G-string for men, a Santa hat and white beard, and a prostate vibrator. Affiliate Disclosure: We earn a small commission if you purchase through this link.

I understood where my wife was headed with the first three items, but not a prostate vibrator. My wife replied, "Have an open mind." Try it. If you don't like it, I'll use it. "

I put the hard-candy G-string, the Santa hat, and the white beard on, and after my wife took pictures, she put a pillow down, kneeled on the floor, and started eating the hard candy that made up my G-string.

As soon as she started eating my G-string cup, the entire G-string fell apart, and I was left holding my cock in my hands, looking like a porn-star Santa.

My wife started giving me head, and I shot an explosive cum on her pretty face and hair, and then she sucked the remaining cum from my balls.

I noticed my wife was not wearing underwear, and I could see her pussy in her cute little Christmas Eve outfit. So I laid her down and ate my wife's pussy until she cummed!

I decided to get out my wife's favorite vibrator (a rabbit egg vibrator) and help her achieve a "squirting orgasm."

I applied pressure with the vibrator and ate her pussy until she started cumming hard and finally squirting uncontrollably!

She cummed hard! And I was right there to lick all her oozing girl-cum and piss with my tongue.

I wanted to hold off on fucking her until later when I had more cum in my balls, but she begged me to fuck her with my big cock.

She kept repeating, "Fuck me, dear, fuck me with your big cock, until you fill me up!"

So I did. And I cummed in her sweet, oriental pussy! She is such a good fuck!

Now, it was time for our drinking and sex game we always play on Christmas Eve.

romantic sex on Christmas.

Our Drink and Sex Game on Christmas Eve

Every time we hear the words Christmas, Santa, or Mrs. Claus mentioned in one of the Christmas movies we were watching while eating dessert, we take a shot of our favorite whiskey.

Thank God, this game does not include TV commercials!

At the end of the dessert, which lasts an hour and half, we flip a coin to see who wins our Christmas drink and sex game, and the loser must do whatever the other wants, regardless of the sexual fantasy.

I lost last year's coin toss. What did my spouse have me do?

The sex fantasy was a husband swap. I was to fuck her best friend (Tammy), a hot oriental girl, while Helen fucked Tammy's husband (Jim), who was my best friend.

Organized husband swapping!

I knew Jim pretty well, and he's a good guy. We do many guy things together, so I called Jim up and explained my wife's sex fantasy to him.

Jim was all in for this sex fantasy.

Helen and Tammy had been talking about a foursome since Thanksgiving dinner a month earlier!

So we grabbed the best bottle of Scotch we had and took a cab to Jim and Tammy's condo.

My wife and Tammy were on the phone almost every minute we were in the cab. They were ready to swap husbands! Their pussies were burning hot with desire!

So when we got there, Tammy was wearing the same red mini-skirt as my wife, and they were also wearing the same white halter top with no bra.

They looked FUCKING HOT!

Each of our wives wore a black collar with a ring in the front.

The girls went to the bathroom to freshen up. So Jim and I sat down at the bar and poured a scotch.

We knew what was coming next, and our dicks couldn't wait! We were rock hard!

It's tough to talk about college football when we have pussy on our minds!

Both girls came out of the bathroom holding each other's hand, and each was holding a leash, which was attached to the collar on their neck.

Jim and I just took a brief look at each other, and we knew this would be the FUCK of our dreams!

Helen gave her leash to Jim, and Tammy gave her leash to me.

My cock broke a world record by growing to full length in seconds. My cock almost broke through the zipper of my dress pants. I'm sure Jim's cock was fighting to get out of his pants!

Then the girls kneeled and sat on their feet, facing each other, and kissing each other romantically.

I told Jim, "This is why it takes so long for them to go shopping with each other!"

Jim and I started to rub our cocks in unison. This was better than going to a strip club!

They started rubbing their hands on each other's tities while they French kissed each other! It was so freaking hot to watch!

Then the girls started to rub each other's pussies simultaneously!

Jim and I got naked, and Jim passed some sex oil to me, so we could beat our huge cocks in unison while we watched our wives fuck each other.

Then the girls took off all their clothing, and then my wife laid down, kneeling on her elbows to watch Tammy eat her pussy.

Then Tammy switched, so both girls were in a sixty-nine position, eating each other's pussy and moaning with pleasure.

So, Jim and I got up with our cocks in our hands, and we took opposite ends to fuck each other's wives!

I could see Tammy's pussy looking so fine! I stuck my big cock in her wet pussy, and she let out a pleasure moan ("Oh, God, your cock fe