Romantic Dinner

Updated: Sep 11

Romantic Dinner

**Adult Content Warning**


A romantic dinner has several steps if you want to make a romantic dinner memorable for your relationship.

A romantic dinner could be

  • The first official date,

  • To pop-the-question (engagement),

  • On a honeymoon or anniversary,

  • birthday or a vacation dinner.

So let's discuss the proper steps to make a romantic dinner memorable.

Receiving red roses in the bathtub.

Sending Red Roses Before a Romantic Dinner

Before you arrive at a romantic dinner, it's crucial to increase the tempo of love.

To increase the tempo of love, you first need to send red roses and a romantic card to your lover or spouse.

Failure to increase the tempo of love before your romantic dinner often results in a boring romantic dinner.

You want to make a statement to your lover or spouse that this dinner is unique and that you want to make this dinner exciting.

The key takeaway from a romantic dinner is that one lover or spouse can express gratitude to the other lover or spouse, who may feel the relationship has stalled as lovers.

A romantic dinner reignites the fire of love within all of us and communicates to a spouse that they are deeply loved by the other.

You must increase the tempo for love, or the whole point of going out to a romantic dinner will be a complete failure.

The bottom line for a romantic dinner is to have hot, steamy sex to reignite the relationship! {Affiliate Disclosure: We earn a small commission if you purchase through this link.}

You must reignite your relationship, over and over throughout your marriage, or the marriage will fall apart!

Make sure you say something on the card that is loving from your heart, and everything will fall into place as the evening unfolds at dinner.

Lovers dressed in formal clothes for a romantic dinner near the lake.

Dressing the Part

Have you ever looked at couples in a romantic restaurant?

If you look carefully, everyone is dressed in the finest clothes they can acquire on their budget.

I highly recommend you and your spouse put some effort into what you will wear when you go out for a romantic dinner.

If you're a guy, I would highly recommend wearing a quality suit, silk tie, dress socks, dress shoes, and silk boxers.

If you don't have a quality suit and cannot afford to buy one, a good alternative is to rent a designer suit. Go to:

If you're a woman, you will need a quality dress, lingerie, stockings, high-quality high-heels, and a handbag.

If you don't have a high-quality dress and cannot afford a two-thousand-dollar dress, you can rent one. Go to:

If you're going to rent a suit or dress, go to a tailor or dress shop and get measured before you rent a suit or dress.

There are videos on YouTube on how to take your measurements, but I prefer going to a tailor or dressmaker.

Regardless, if you buy or rent, make sure you look your best when you arrive at the romantic restaurant.

A ring in a wooden box at the beach.

The Surprise Ring

Whether you are a new couple or have been married for decades, a surprise ring at a romantic dinner will lift your spouse's heart to a new level.

A simple romantic gesture of giving a romantic ring to your lover or spouse will significantly enhance the romantic dinner that both of you will remember for decades.

You will need to invest between $200 to $8,000 for a surprise ring. You can go to your local discount retailer (like JCPenny), a local jeweler, shop on Amazon, or buy a ring on AliExpress.

I prefer buying on AliExpress since you will find 40% discounts or larger versus buying from a local discount jeweler.

You will find quality sterling silver rings with high-quality synthetic gemstones on AliExpress.

You will need to ship the ring by air mail. Expect delivery in 18 to 25-days, so plan accordingly!

I recommend giving the surprise ring at the end of dinner when your dessert arrives at your table. I always have found that dessert is the best time to give a gift of love to your lover or spouse.

If you're a honeymooner, I recommend buying at least five pieces of jewelry to surprise your new wife every other day on your honeymoon.

Please remember, a gift of love is an expression of your love for your spouse. However, the key to having a loving, good relationship is to be sincere, honest, and loving toward your spouse every day.

A romantic dinner.

Picking a Romantic Restaurant - New Couples

Picking a romantic dinner restaurant is extremely important for new couples since the romantic dinner will be remembered for decades in the future.

If the dinner restaurant you are about to choose is to pop the question (engagement), then the restaurant must be within a 40-minute drive radius.

Why a 40-minute drive radius?

Your spouse knows you are about to pop the question since you are taking her to a special restaurant 40 miles away.

While driving for 40 minutes to get to a romantic restaurant, your spouse-to-be is about to have a nervous breakdown in the car, so keep your spouse-to-be talking about frivolous subjects.

I recommend you research and find a romantic restaurant with live music that offers Italian food, steak, seafood, Japanese food, or French food.

I would ensure you read the restaurant reviews before relying on the five-star rating system for restaurants.

If this is your official first date, I would follow the same procedure as above.

For married couples, please continue reading.

Dinner in Venice, Italy.

Picking a Romantic Restaurant - Honeymoons and Anniversaries

For honeymoons and anniversaries, you need to take the concept of a romantic restaurant to an entirely new level.

Before you choose a romantic restaurant, you need to choose a romantic destination.

There are at least twenty incredibly romantic destinations in the world. I highly recommend you do your research on romantic destinations.

Please read my blog post on romantic destinations to evaluate the most romantic destinations on the planet.

Once you choose a romantic destination, I highly recommend you evaluate the top five most romantic restaurants near your hotel.

It is crucial to ensure the restaurant has some live, soft music.

Be sure to read all the reviews before you make a reservation at the restaurant.

When I make a reservation at a romantic dinner restaurant, I want the following with my reservation:

  • I want the best seat in the restaurant. I want an ocean view, mountain view, or lake view.

  • I want to know what dishes on the dinner menu have the best reviews.

  • I want to evaluate the wine menu and be able to choose a quality wine with dinner.

  • And I want to evaluate the dessert menu.

You want to appear to know what you're doing when you read the menu, so your spouse can feel confident with your decisions.

A spouse wants to be taken care of by her "knight in shining armor"!

Toasting at dinner.

The Dinner Toasts and Words of Love

It's crucial to say something loving and memorable with the dinner toast, so I highly recommend you research dinner toasts on a Google search before your go-to dinner.

You need to start and end the dinner with memorable toasts.

So you need two special dinner toasts. Make sure your toast is loving and sincere.


  • To this moment and all future moments yet to be.

  • May we always remember to say, "I love you, and yes, dear"!

  • To our love, the greatest wine in life.

  • To romance, the flame that keeps our hearts burning with desire and love for each other.

If you have a problem with memorizing your toasts, write two toasts down on a piece of paper, keep the toasts in your pocket, and then rehearse the toast before dinner.

A romantic toast will increase the temperature of love, so make sure you deliver two great toasts.

Most words of love are difficult for men to express to a woman, but there are moments when a man will say something to a woman that a woman can cherish in her heart forever!

In the middle of your dinner, you need to express words of love to your spouse.

So, I highly recommend you Google "words of love" to find some examples of words that relate to your innermost feelings of love for your spouse.

Once you have found some words of love to express to your spouse, create a message that relates to your inner feelings so you can speak these words of love in the middle of dinner.

A woman giving head to a banana.

After Dinner Has Ended

For the majority of men who have followed my directions above, your spouse will have twinkles in her eyes, and her pussy will be wet and hot!

To finish the evening romantically, you need to have hot, steamy sex! {Affiliate Disclosure: We earn a small commission if you purchase through this link.}

If you have driven 40 miles to the restaurant, you need to make a reservation at a high-quality hotel since you want to cum as soon as possible!

Remember, a woman is like boiling water. Once her water is hot and boiling with passion, she wants to cum immediately!

However, when her water temperature cools down, her need to have hot, passionate sex diminishes with time.

So fuck, when the temperature is HOT!

This means you need to get a hotel room as quickly as possible! So make a reservation in advance of your dinner reservation.

Once you have had hot, steamy sex, curl up together and enjoy the time together as a couple.

And that's how you keep the fire of love burning in each other's hearts for decades!


John Wellington