Romantic Ideas for Hotel Rooms

Updated: Sep 11

romance in a hotel room

**Adult Content Warning**

Romantic ideas for hotel rooms lead to hot, steamy sex, so when you stay in a hotel room with your spouse, you have two choices as a couple.

One, you can be passionate, romantic lovers in your hotel room, or two, you can act like a traditional, married couple who watches TV, orders room service, has a quickie, and searches online for things to do as a vacationer for the next day.

I prefer choice number one.

Yes, choice number two is typical, and everyone does it, but choice number one takes effort to be a passionate, romantic lover.

So let's go over the steps you need to take to have passionate, romantic sex in your hotel room.

Sex toys.

What You Need to Bring to the Hotel Room

My wife brings at least four different pairs of lingerie outfits on vacation. I mean, she's prepared for world-war three when it comes to packing sexy clothes.

I usually pay a minimum of $80 in extra fees when the airline weighs our luggage at the airport.

I recommend you and your spouse bring one "crazy" stripper sex costume so that you can role-play your fantasies.

Remember; to make your stay at the hotel fun and memorable so that you can remember your visit for a lifetime.

Be sure to take pictures with your cell phone before you have sex! You want to come back to view these pictures years or decades in the future.

So take plenty of pictures!

I recommend bringing at least eight scented candles to make your bedroom or bathtub area romantic.

And be sure to bring a lighter. I seem always to forget the lighter since I don't smoke.

In addition, make sure you bring sex toys, sex cream, or sex lube for both of you. Your stay in your hotel room is all about having an endless amount of hot, steamy sex! {Affiliate Disclosure: We earn a small commission if you purchase through this link.}

And one final point, bring a plastic drop cloth and a bottle of virgin olive oil. Slip-and-slide fucking on a plastic drop cloth is great fun for couples on vacation.

Make sure you buy a large plastic drop cloth.

In addition, you will need to bring some bubble bath for the bathtub and a sex board game (called Monogamy, $17.48).

Your hotel room.

As Soon as You Get to Your Room

Make sure to hang up the "do not disturb" sign on the outside of your door.

Unpack your clothes and get organized.

Next, take a brief look at the menu for room service. Some room service may not be to your liking, so you may have to research great restaurants near your hotel that deliver.

Now it's time for the first fuck.

Sex in the bathtub.

Sex in the Bathtub

After hours of traveling to get to your destination, you are probably tired and have just enough energy for one good fuck before you both need to go to sleep to re-energize.

The bathroom in a quality hotel room can be an excellent place for romantic fucking!

I always start with a shower. This is an excellent opportunity to wash each other's pussy, cock, and assholes.

Once we cleaned each other, we head to the bathtub. I place some scented candles around the bathtub, light them, and then lower the lights in the room to their lowest setting.

Next, I fill the bathtub with warm water so it's hot enough, but not too hot. Then, I add the bubble bath to the water, swish it around, and let the bubbles grow before I turn the water off.

My wife likes two specific vibrators for the bathtub. One is the Eve's Slim Pink Pleaser Vibrator ($19.95) and the Adam Eve Booty Bliss Vibrating Beads ($19.95).

I set both the vibrators next to the bathtub so either one of us could pick them up at any time.

Once we get into the bathtub and indulge in the serenity of the moment, we reach for the alcohol.

We will either drink shots of whisky or a glass of wine. In most cases, we will drink a glass of Merlot wine.

We then start with romantic kisses and focus on being loving and tender to each other.

Once we are over the tender moments of kissing, my wife always reaches for my big cock and starts giving me head.

Once she gets me to the point of cumming, I tell her to stop; she turns around while standing and straddles the bathtub rim, with her ass and pussy starring me in the face.

I've always loved seeing my wife bend over with a bubble bath dripping from her gorgeous body! Her body shimmering in the candlelight looks so sweet!

Now, I eat her lovely pussy and lick her asshole. {Affiliate Disclosure: We earn a small commission if you purchase through this link.}

I reach for her favorite vibrator and start working her clit and pussy hole until she starts to cum.

Then, I dive in and stick my tongue as far as I can in her pussy hole to eat her girl cum.

I go back and start working her clit with the vibrator and then work her clit with my tongue.

When I see my wife start shaking, I know she's reached her second cum.

Now, I start to fuck my wife from behind, and I work my big cock like a piston. She loves it when I fuck her pussy hard!

I know I need to make this a quick fuck, since we are both tired from our flight, so I imagine the best fuck I ever had in my mind, and this automatically triggers my mind to cum.

I grab my wife's tits from behind and unload all the cum from my balls into her sweet pussy.

I keep fucking my wife's pussy after I cum, then pull my cock out.

Now the cum starts to flow out slowly and then drips into the bubble bath.

Looking at my wife's pussy from behind, I can see hot cum dripping from my wife's pussy

Her pussy is so fucking nice to look at!

My wife always turns around and gets on her knees to lick the cum off my cock, and suck any remaining cum out my cock hole.

My wife is such a great cock sucker! She loves the taste of my cum!

Once she sucks the cum out of my cock, my wife turns around and lays back in the bathtub to enjoy the moment's serenity.

I get out of the bathtub so my wife can thoroughly enjoy the tub by herself.

I get my cell phone and then take a couple of pictures of her just relaxing in the bathtub.

I have to admit, the bathtub is more of a girl thing, but I can enjoy it for 30 minutes.

I then shower and head to the bedroom while my wife enjoys the bathtub by herself.

That's our routine when it comes to having a bathtub fuck.

The bathtub has always been high on our list as a starting point for being romantic in a new hotel room.

One final thought about making hotel room reservations for your vacation: don't make a reservation unless you can get a room with a bathtub.

A bathtub is essential to having fun on your vacation!

Breakfast in bed.

The Next Morning

The first thing you need to do the next morning is order breakfast before your spouse rape's you!

Next, turn the TV on; choose some hot porn, so you and your spouse can get in the mood quickly.

For me, it takes 30 seconds or less before my cock is rock hard!

Once my wife sees me stroking my cock, she reaches for her favorite vibrator and starts working her clit and pussy hole until she gets her first cum.

Once I see my wife cumming, I move in and start to eat her sweet pussy.

I always make my wife cum when I eat her pussy!

Since I fucked my wife's pussy the previous day, I usually will fuck her asshole on day two.

So, I squirt some sex lube into her asshole and proceed to fuck her asshole.

My wife loves a good ass fucking at least once a week!

My wife loves to rub her clit with her vibrator while I fuck her asshole.

I will fuck her asshole for a good 15-minutes until I cum. I love to pull my cock out when I cum, and watch my wife cum fart!

I enjoy watching the cum, slowly come out of her asshole, and then my wife will reach behind with her fingers to taste my cum deposit.

My wife is addicted to cum! God, I love her!

Once we shower and have breakfast, we go back to sleep so that we can get ready for our next hotel adventure.

Women working-out at the hotel gym.

The Gym in Our Hotel

I don't know about you, but I love watching hot women in yoga leggings and sexy tops bend the minds of men at the gym.

The exercises and stretches women do to attract the attention of men is just unbelievable!

I get a hard-on every time I look at women exercising!

No wonder you don't find straight men with big cocks in yoga class! It would be impossible to hide a rock-hard, big cock in gym shorts surrounded by twenty hot women.

I know a hot yoga teacher, and she is always trying to get me to go to her class, and I always tell her my big cock would come right out for all the women to see.

I don't mind getting a hard-on in front of twenty women, but my friend is running a business, so I always pass on the invitation to come to her gym.

So my wife and I go to the gym at our hotel, and she's looking "super-hot"! It only takes me twenty minutes after we get there, and I can see pre-cum spot starting to dampen my gym shorts!

There are about eight other women in the hotel gym, trying their best to bend the minds of men. And they are doing a great job at it!

I can see coming to the gym is going to be a problem.

My wife starts to notice that my cock is getting real big. So she waves me over to where most of the women in the gym are working out.

She then whispers in my ear, "Meet me at the women's locker room for a quickie!" And I reply, "Thank you, God!"

So I go over to the women's locker room entrance, and my wife secretly pulls me into the women's locker room.

I can smell the musky scent of pussy everywhere, or it's my mind playing games with me! Either way, my cock is rock hard, and I'm about to cum in my gym shorts!

My wife then drags me into the shower area, and she starts to undress for a quick fuck!

I start eating her pussy like a mad man! Being in the women's bathroom is getting me so FUCKING hard!