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Watching a Romance Action Movie at the Movie Theater.

**Adult Content Warning**

Watching a Romance Action Movie on Saturdays

I don't know about you, but almost every Saturday or Sunday for my entire married life, my wife and I watch romance action movies.

And every weekend, I ask my wife, "What do you want to watch, romance, action, romance action, sci-fi, or horror movies?"

And my wife always says the same thing, "Let's watch romance action!"

Guys think they are in control of the remote, but as soon as you get married, that all changes.

Women are in firm control of the remote, even when the remote is not in their hands, and they know it!

A happy wife leads to pussy! It's that simple.

If you're a single guy, you'd better get your thrills watching football, basketball, and baseball out of your system before those days of drinking with your guy friends are all but a faint memory.

When we watch romance action movies, it's an official date night at our house.

Romance Action Movies Being Filmed by a Film Crew.

How Do I Pick Romance Action Movies?

I have a simple concept; I look at the top action actors like:

  • Bruce Willis

  • Dwayne Johnson

  • Jason Statham

  • Sylvester Stallone

  • Arnold Schwarzenegger

  • Jet Li

  • Van Diesel

  • Mark Wahlberg

  • Steven Seagal

  • Liam Neeson

  • Jean-Claude Van Damme

And if I see a woman in the trailer and the trailer seems reasonable, then that's the movie we will watch on our date night.

And before I click the play button, we will both go to the restroom and come back and make popcorn or ice cream.

And that's the start of our date night.

Cartoon anger.

Some Romance Action Movies I Hate

Don't you hate it when the lead actor does not get some pussy? In some "so-called" romance action movies, the lead actor doesn't even get a kiss!

I consider that bad script writing!

Another issue I hate is bad endings. I want a clear ending, the good guy kills the bad guy, and the good guy gets some pussy.

It's that simple. That's a good movie!

I watched movies where we got to the end, and the bad guy lives, or it just leaves you hanging or pissed off!

Another type of movie I hate is when the primary actress is a total bitch, and I'm rooting for her to get killed off in the movie!

Another thing that pisses me off is when you see four light spots on the movie screen. The director was so cheap; that they couldn't even hire a professional editor to filter the light spots.

My final bitch is about the gunfights in the movie. If you're shooting a handgun and you're 40-yards away, and the actor is portrayed as a professional shooter, you will hit several of your targets.

However, in some of these movies, they can't hit a target even if their life was dependent on it!

Even I can hit a target at 40-yards!

Another issue I have is gunfights with an endless supply of ammunition. These actors rarely change their clips. Come-on! Who do they think they're kidding?

These issues seriously affect whether or not the movie will entertain me, and this is when I reach for the Scotch!

Sex Scenes in the Movie.

Sex Scenes in the Movies

I can't stand it when a sex scene comes up in a romance action movie, and they show a fake sex scene.

For God's sake, show the reality of having sex!

I don't know how many movies I saw where the actress holds the covers over her breasts while having sex with the actor.

Come-on! This is just bad movie directing.

Show some tits and ass without showing cock and pussy. And show some sex toys in the movie scenes! We're all adults here! The movie is not for eight-year-olds! {Affiliate Disclosure: We earn a small commission if you purchase through this link.}

Just show some realistic fucking in a romance action movie!

Violence in Movies

Showing Too Much Realistic Violence in Movies

Another thing I hate in some romance action movies is the director showing extreme violence.

Some of these movies show fingers, arms, or heads getting cut off. They make the violence so realistic that you must stop watching the movie.

I don't mind people getting shot or stabbed in a romance action movie, but torture and extreme violence should be left on the editor's floor, never to be seen again.

I see extreme violence and gore in horror movies, but not romance action movies.

And I'm sure all couples watching their TV on weekends would say the same thing.

Less gore and extreme violence, and more romance, are what I want to see!

Twisted Puzzle Cube

A Special Twist in the Movie Storyline

I always like it when the director of a romance action movie places a special twist in the movie storyline.

What do I mean?

Let's say the primary actor dies in the last scenes of the movie, or the primary actor finally falls in love with a lead actress, but she dies at the hands of the bad guy.

I want to see a unique twist in the movie, but I rarely see a good twist in the plot of most romance action movies.

A Couple Kissing on a Romantic Island.

What I Want to See in a Romance Action Movie

Great romance action movies, in my opinion, involve two separate, unrelated actors in a movie.

By chance or by a third party, the primary actor and lead actress are forced to come together and, halfway through the movie, have sex.

You're rooting for them to come together and romantically hit it off in the movie.

These types of movies are the best movies to watch. However, most romance action movies are more about killing than romance.

I think directors need to spend more time creating two rock-solid characters who eventually have a deep relationship.

A Couple Having Sex

Sex While Watching the Movie

My wife and I love the pause button since it allows us to go to the restroom, get snacks, take a shot of whisky, and, more importantly, it allows us to have a quick fuck session.

When we watch romance action movies, my wife intentionally wears clothes to bend my mind, or she wears no underwear to get my cock rock hard.

My wife makes sure she moves a certain way, bends over, or starts playing with her pussy or nipples to get my attention and distract me from watching the movie. {Affiliate Disclosure: We earn a small commission if you purchase through this link.}

A man's job is never done!

I click the pause button, go to the bathroom, take a shower and clean my cock and asshole. I then return to the living room, take a shot of whisky, and start French kissing my wife and rubbing her pussy.

Game on!

We both know this fuck session is going to be a quickie, so my wife starts immediately sucking and licking my cock from my cock head to my asshole and then swallows my entire cock several times.

Once I start to feel like I'm going to cum, I tell my wife to stop, and she immediately gets on her back, starts playing with her clit, and spreads her legs.

I immediately start eating her pussy and make her cum. Once I am sure she has cummed, I turn my wife over on all fours and give her a slow and fast fuck, until I cum in her sweet pussy hole!

Once I make a deposit, my wife savors the moment, then grabs my cock and sucks the remaining cum from my cock.

This fuck session will last maybe 15-minutes, and we both go to our restrooms to clean up.

Then we cuddle on the couch and watch the remaining second half of the romance action movie.

And that's how our Saturday or Sunday night goes every weekend at our house.


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