Ideas of Romance

Ideas of Romance

**Adult Content Warning**

Ideas of Romance

Today, I wanted to discuss unusual romantic events inside and outside the home.

Since romantic sparks fly in the most unusual places, you must take advantage of these hot moments before they slip by.

So let's talk about several of these hot moments.

Sex in the Kitchen

The Romantic Kitchen Surprise

Often, the best type of romance is a surprise fuck!

Let me elaborate.

I come home from the office and enter the house like usual, but I notice my wife is in the kitchen cooking dinner and wearing just lingerie, high heels, and an apron.

Talk about an instant boner!

I was totally surprised! I was drooling every time my wife bent over. I was hypnotized, watching my wife cook dinner.

Wow, what a surprise!

I went over to my wife, turned her around, French kissed her, manhandled her hot ass and pussy, and bent her over for a quick fuck and cum deposit.

This made all the bullshit of the day disappear! God, I love that woman!

The only thing I could think about was her hot pussy! I could see her hot pussy, every time she turned around and bent over.

I know she was bending over for my benefit. Her pussy was mesmerizing!

My wife took her apron off and served dinner. I had to look underneath the table to see her hot pussy.

My cock was rock hard again.

I told my wife to clear the table of candles, table mats, and silverware. My wife clearly understood what was next and placed the dinner back in the kitchen.

My wife got on the dinner table and laid down, so her pussy was facing me, right on my dinner plate!

This was a dream come true!

I thought my guy friends would die of envy when I told them about this romantic fuck session.

I dived in and ate my wife's pussy, as I had never eaten her pussy before, and I made my wife cum several times on a dinner plate!

She oozed girl cum, right on my dinner plate!

I had to fuck her one more time. I could not let this moment slip by without giving her one more cum deposit.

Thank God, I just had enough cum in my cock for one more deposit! I gave her my 15-minute quick fuck, and I unloaded my last cum deposit into her pussy.

And every time my wife gets out those dinner plates, I just smile.

The Lingerie Store

A Romantic Quickie at a Lingerie Store

Whenever my wife gets the urge to go shopping, she buys cosmetics, clothes, shoes, perfume, handbags, sex toys, or lingerie. {Affiliate Disclosure: We earn a small commission if you purchase through this link.}

Going to a lingerie shop with your spouse conjures all sorts of devious thoughts in your mind.

Pussy is everywhere, and all the women you see have that naughty gleam in their eyes.

My cock is rock hard as soon as I enter the lingerie store, and my cock is dying to break out of my pants and fuck every hot pussy I see!

It's as if women are looking at you to see how you react when my wife asks for my approval to buy a specific lingerie outfit over another.

These women figure if I like it, their man will like the same lingerie outfit.

So they are all stealing looks out of the corner of their eyes at which piece of lingerie outfit I like and approve of my wife buying.

Once I approve of the lingerie outfit, my wife wants me to see the lingerie outfit on her hot body.

Thank you, God!

This means I get to go to the dressing room with at least ten hot women in or waiting to get in one of the dressing rooms.

Talk about heaven!

So as soon as I get in the dressing room, my wife starts to undress immediately, but my wife always takes her clothes off in a passionate, sultry manner.

She must have been a stripper in her previous life.

The way my wife puts on lingerie is a form of cock torture, and she loves to torture me until I cum!

My cock can only take so much!

I manhandle her perfect tities, pussy, and ass and fuck her slow and fast until I cum deep in her pussy. My wife lets out several pleasure moans, so all the other women in the dressing room can hear her moan with pleasure.

When we get out of the dressing room, a large percentage of all the other women in the adjacent dressing rooms are masturbating.

I can hear them cumming!

In addition, the women waiting in line in the dressing rooms are giving me sexy lures as soon as my wife turns around.

I highly recommend you take your spouse to a lingerie shop.

It will make your dreams come true!

Strip Poker

A Poker Party with Friends

Sometimes romantic events unfold when you least expect them, often when you are with your best friends.

I threw a poker party at my house with my friends Bill and Kari.

I had known Bill for years before he married Kari, and since he got married, I had not seen him in a year.

Once Bill and Kari came over, the girls started to drink wine, and Bill and I started to drink Scotch.

Then the girls brought the food out, and we all had a buffet dinner together.

The party went into full swing.

Once we were finished with dinner, we took our drinks over to the poker table.

We started playing 5-card stud with $1, $5, and $20 bets. Pretty tame poker bets!

Bill and I could see our wives (Helen and Kari) whispering to each other. Bill and I figured they were talking about the usual girl stuff.

What we did not know at the time, the girls had already talked on the phone before the party and had agreed to a foursome without telling us in advance.

My wife said, Why don't we change the rules for our betting? Why don't we play strip poker?

I had not been in strip poker game since college, and that game was just between my girlfriend and me.

So we started a strip poker game.

Bill and I were getting our asses kicked early by the girls. Sad but true!

I did not think the game would head in this direction. Seeing my friend shirtless is no pretty sight.

Bill was a hairy guy.

Finally, the girls started to lose big time, and after 90-minutes, they were down to their panties.

Thank God!

I could see why Bill married Kari. She was gorgeous!

Kari was a perfect blonde. She had blonde hair down to her shoulders, and Kari had perfect tities with large nipples with nice light brown areolas.

She has a perfect body!

Kari was a perfect 10! I was constantly looking at her hot body.

Bill was mesmerized by my wife's hot body, and I consider my wife's body to be a perfect 10.

My wife is Asian with gorgeous eyes and long black hair to her hips, and my wife has perfect tits and ass.

I saw Bill foaming at the mouth, looking at my wife's hot body!

Now, Bill and I lost our pants in the game, and we were down to our shorts, so we were all down to our underwear.

At that point, we all decided to have two Tequila shots each before we moved on with the game.

Now we were ready for the final round of cards.

Kari lost the first round, and Kari's pussy was completely shaved. Kari looked so FUCKING hot!

My dick was not only rock hard, but my dick inched out of my boxers for all to see.

In the next round, Helen lost her panties, and Bill couldn't keep his eyes off my wife's heart-shaped pussy hair.

Bill's dick came straight up out of his tighty whities. And my wife zeroed in on his big cock.

At that moment, I figured the card game was over, and we needed to move on with the evening.

So I said, "Why don't we move to our bedroom for the next round of fun?"

Everyone agreed, and we all quickly moved to the bedroom.

Kari placed a pillow on the floor, knelt, licked the palm of her hand, and grabbed my cock, so she could masturbate me with her hand and suck my big cock simultaneously.

She was an expert cock sucker! {Affiliate Disclosure: We earn a small commission if you purchase through this link.}

Helen also placed a pillow on the floor and grabbed Bill's cock, but Helen licked her index finger and stuck her finger up Bill's ass while Helen sucked his big cock.

Bill was not ready to get his ass fucked by Helen's finger, but he finally relaxed and enjoyed Helen's cock sucking.

Kari licked my pee hole and shaft like a pro while she masturbated my cock, back and forth with her hand.

I told myself, "Hold on, don't cum too early"!

I could see Bill holding on for his dear life as my wife licked and sucked his cock shaft, pee hole, and balls.

My wife licked his cock to the rim of his ass hole and back.

Bill was trying his best not to cum!

Kari loved to look up at me with those big blue eyes as she sucked my cock. That in itself was torture!

Finally, my wife pulled her finger out of Bill's asshole, and Bill immediately cummed in my wife's mouth. And for some reason, when I heard Bill cumming, I shot a big load of cum into Kari's mouth.

Cum was dripping down both Kari and Helen's mouths to their tities. The girls then Frenched kissed each other and licked all the cum off each other's bodies.

The girls loved their lesbian moments together!

Bill and I were holding our big cocks, looking at the perfect site of two hot girls making out in front of us!

I told Bill, "Why don't we eat their pussies and give them a good fucking”!

As I led Kari to bed, looking at her from behind, I thought, "God, she has a perfect ass! I can't wait to fuck her pussy!"

We then laid our wife's down in the king-size bed a