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Date Ideas That Are Unique for a Couple.

**Adult Content Warning**

Unique Date Ideas For the First Night

Have you ever wondered what other people do on their dates that make their approach to dating unique?

I have been on some strange dates in my time; some went well, and some went right into the toilet.

The dates that went well in the first half-hour (on day one) had the following two things in common:

  • There was hot sexual attraction.

  • And we enjoyed each other's company.

So let's discuss hot sexual attraction in greater detail.

Night Clubbing as a foursome.

The Pickup

Some dates head into left field as soon as the date begins. When I picked up Umi at a bar, Umi made comments that did not correspond to how she looked.

When I picked her up at a bar, she was with her girlfriends. She looked like a shy librarian with glasses.

Not to mention, she was the only woman wearing a spring dress and tennis shoes.

She was different from the type of girl I usually pick up! She looked like she had an introverted personality.

I had never gone out with this type of girl before, so I thought, "Why not try a different type of woman for a change?"

I bought her a drink and started a conversation, and her girlfriends soon moved to their own table.

Ok. That was easy.

I found out she was a research botanist who studies the interactions of plants with other organisms.

She was somewhat nerdy, but I was willing to see if she was hot in bed! What did I want to know? Was she a wild woman trapped in an introverted personality?

After the fourth drink, I asked her, "Would you like to come to my apartment?"

She said yes, but why not come to my apartment since it's right down the street?

I replied, "Sure." So we walked to her apartment.

Once we got to Umi's apartment, everything seemed normal. The apartment had a pink color scheme with little statues of cats, fluffy pillows, and two Siamese cats.

From a guy's point of view, Umi's apartment was a standard chick pad!

Umi goes to the fridge, brings two cold beers, and turns on some Stevie Nicks music.

We toast, drink our beers, start French kissing, and Umi tells me she would like to freshen up.

No problem, I'll relax and drink my beer.

My cock is rock hard, and I'm thinking, "This date is going better than I expected!"

I sip my beer and wait for about 20 minutes, and Umi reappears dressed in black-colored lingerie, nylons, high heels, cat ears, a long cat tail attached to her lingerie, and a black whip in her right hand.


I ask Umi, "What happened to the shy, introverted biologist?" Talk about an alternate personality!

Umi had super large nipples that were accentuated by her corset.

My God, her nipples were so FUCKING hot!

Her garter belt held her black nylons and made her look like a mature cougar on the prowl!

Umi snapped her black whip, breaking one of her cat statues, and her two live cats quickly ran and hid underneath the couch. {Affiliate Disclosure: We earn a small commission if you purchase through this link.}

Umi told me, "You're going to fuck me hard, slave!"

No problem!

I quickly undressed in record time. My big cock was pointing straight at Umi.

Umi was fixated on my big cock, and her eyes opened as wide as a Japanese girl's eyes could get, and she was smiling from ear to ear.

What a big cock you have, John!

I grabbed her so her body firmly touched mine and I caressed her asshole and pussy from behind with my hand.

I told Umi, "I'm going to fuck you hard and deep!"

I threw her down on the couch and put the whip in her mouth so I could hold the whip with both hands. As she bit the whip in her mouth, I started fucking her sweet asshole from behind.

Umi loved my big cock as I fucked her asshole good! Umi started masturbating her pussy.

Her fingers were fucking her pussy hole with one hand while her other hand worked on her clit.

Umi started cumming as I fucked her asshole! {Affiliate Disclosure: We earn a small commission if you purchase through this link.}

Then Umi said: "Cum, John, cum deep in my asshole!" And I cummed big time! I pulled out, and a river of hot cum puckered out of her asshole in several cum farts!

She reached behind with her fingers between her legs to scoop cum with her fingers so that she could taste my cum.

She replied, "You're cum tastes so good! Let me suck your cock!"

And Umi got on her knees and started sucking my cock to extract the remaining cum from my cock!

Umi then squeezed my cock to get the remaining cum out of my cock, and then she dribbled the cum onto her nipples so that she could rub my cum all over her tities like night cream!

We took two Tequila shots each, French kissed, slept, and cuddled, and then she made me breakfast in the morning.

This date taught me that a woman might have an alternate sexual personality from the personality they convey in public.

From then on, I never judged a woman by the personality they conveyed in public.

A sexy redhead in lingerie.

Ginger Attraction

Sometimes I just get attracted to hot redheads. It all started when I was in Dublin, Ireland. Redheads were everywhere I looked.

As soon as I entered a bar, there would be a wave of hot, red pussies in miniskirts.

I don't understand how these girls don't get the flu while wearing miniskirts in cold, rainy weather, but God bless them!

Once I enter the bar, I always look for two redheads talking to each other, who constantly looked in my direction.

I am looking to fuck two redheads simultaneously.

My approach is direct since I must bag two women simultaneously. I go directly to my pickup line for a threesome within the first two minutes.

Some women are hungry for threesome sex, while other women find a threesome somewhat offensive, especially when another woman is involved in the threesome.

So, when I approached the two redheads, I introduced myself, said something nice to both of them, and asked them point blank, "Would you two girls like to come to my hotel room for drinks and have a threesome?"

It's incredible that, in most cases, I will walk out of the bar with two women.

Have I ever gotten my face slapped?

Not yet, but I'm willing to get my face slapped and move on to the next two girls and ask them the same question.

Once I get the girls to my hotel room, I offer Scotch on the rocks. We then get lickered up and then start fucking and eating pussy. {Affiliate Disclosure: We earn a small commission if you purchase through this link.}

The girls are often the first ones to start French kissing each other. However, I always move in and kiss them both, and start rubbing their hot pussies.

I want to turn up the heat as soon as possible.

Once I start rubbing their pussies and I see them getting hot, I pull out my big cock, and they start sucking and sharing my big cock.

At this point, I help the girls undress their panties and bras.

Now the game begins!

I start eating one of the redheads while the other redhead sits on the other's face to get their pussy eaten.

Once I get one of the women cumming, I go right into fucking their hot pussies!

I fuck one, allow the other to lick the pussy juice from my cock, and switch back and forth from one pussy to the other.

Now, I get both girls cumming from fucking their pussies, and I will fuck one in the ass while the other assists by licking my cock and the other’s asshole.

Finally, I choose one girl and cum in her pussy, pull out, and cum in the other girl's mouth so they can share in the cum by French kissing.

Once I reach this point, we will go back to drinking Scotch, cuddling, and then I will pour Scotch on their pussies and tities so that everyone can get drunk by licking Scotch off each other's bodies.

And finally, I will order room service, and we will all fall asleep together and wake up the following day for round two of hot,

steamy sex.


John Wellington

Me - John Wellington


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