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Updated: Sep 11

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Best Places to Party on Halloween

When you're looking for date ideas for Holloween, you should always start with the party. I've been to many Halloween parties throughout my life, and I always get emailed by my friends asking me, "Where should we go for the best Halloween party?"

Here are the best places on the planet for Halloween parties:

1. Lahaina, Maui, Hawaii (USA)-Pros: Gorgeous. Small Halloween street party (approx. 20k to 50k people). Naked Halloween participants in the street are fully painted with body paint. There are fewer bars and restaurants to party at, but it is an enjoyable place to go to on Halloween. They offer live music and food vendors in the street. Private parties can be found, but they are few. The best weather in Hawaii is on Halloween. Cons: Costume rental was expensive ($250 for two costumes). It is costly and takes up to 23 hours to get to Lahaina.

2. Manhattan Village, New York City (USA) -Pros: There are thousands of Halloween partygoers. Don't miss the Greenwich Village parade. There are as many as 2 million Halloween participants in the parade. Plenty of great bars and private parties. The food is excellent. Cons: Hotel rooms must be booked at least 60 days in advance. Taxi cabs are very hard to get on Halloween. I was constantly paranoid about criminals in NY.

3. West Hollywood, Los Angeles, CA (USA) -Pros: a half-million Halloween partygoers. The block party was excellent. The bars are decent. Street vendors have great food. Private parties are great. Cons: Hotel rooms are hard to come by, and to many homeless people in L.A.

4. New Orleans, Louisiana (USA) - Pros: There are a lot of Halloween parties in the French quarter. You can walk down the street with a beer in a plastic cup. The bars are fantastic. I went to a great orgy with 30 couples. The food was excellent! Music venues everywhere. The Voodoo Music Festival has some of the best musicians in the world attending, and the famous Vampire Ball was great! There's a Halloween parade on Bourbon Street. Plenty of private parties. Hotels are reasonably priced. One casino at the end of the street. I felt safe with cops everywhere I walked. Halloween is better than their Mardi Gras celebration. Cons: Make reservations for a hotel room and the music festival 60 days in advance.

5. Las Vegas, Nevada (USA) -- Pros: Fantastic Halloween party atmosphere. Free booze in the major casinos. Private parties are everywhere. I went to an orgy while I was there. I met some porn stars from Porn Hub. There are plenty of great restaurants, bars, and nightclubs. Fantastic entertainment! Very affordable hotel rooms. Cabs are plentiful. Cons: The heat in the daytime may be an issue if you walk on the strip or go golfing.

6. Derry City, Ireland (Europe) - Pros: The biggest Halloween party in Europe. The entire country was very friendly, from its people to the castles! Lots of bars and private parties. I was invited to an orgy, and it was great party! If you like redheads, this is the place to go. If you are thinking of wearing a mini-skirt, you could get the flu since the temperature could drop to the twenties. Hotels are affordable. The firework show was spectacular. Beautiful country. Cons: It can be rainy or drizzling, so check the weather radar before going. Hotel rooms are okay, except for staying at a castle for $1,000 a night.

7. London, England (Europe) - Pros: A lot of great parties throughout London on Halloween. The people in London were charming! Plenty of Halloween partiers. Cheap beer. Hotel rooms are reasonably priced. Plenty of private parties. Cons: Fog and drizzle.

8. Venice, Italy (Europe) - Pros: Plenty of quality masquerade balls. In addition, Corinaldo, Italy, is also a great place to party on Halloween. Plenty of private parties. Great fun! The food is fantastic! Cons: Hotels are expensive. Must take a crash course in Italian.

9. Prague, The Czech Republic (Europe) - Pros: There are many Halloween participants. Private parties are everywhere. I was invited to an orgy, despite my difficulties speaking the language. The Prague Halloween party starts on October 27. Alcohol is cheap. Hotels are not that expensive. Go to the "Bloody, Sexy, Halloween party" (it's fun)! The Prague people know how to party! Halloween will last until November 4. Cons: The language (Czechia) is tough to speak. I recommend a minimum of 3 months of learning the language before you go.

10. Brussels, Belgium (Europe) - Pros: Lots of Halloween partiers. Private parties are everywhere. I had a great time! Alcohol was cheap. Hotel rooms are affordable. The food was fantastic! In addition, Ostend, Belgium, is a very crazy place on Halloween. Cons: Must speak French or Dutch. I recommend taking a crash course in French since 85% of the people in Brussels speak French.

11. Amsterdam, Netherlands (Europe) - Pros: They have an all-adult Halloween party, music concerts, and a Monster Ball. Amsterdam holds some of the biggest and hottest Halloween parties in Europe. Halloween parties start on October 26. Plenty of Halloween partiers. Private parties are everywhere you go. Great bars. The food is excellent. Everyone I met was great! Go to the following parties: Transformer House, WesterUnie, Westerliefde. Expect to pay a $30+ entry fee at the major Halloween parties. Cons: Recommend you take a crash course in Dutch, even though they speak English.

12. Kawasaki, Japan -Pros: The parade is very fashionable, but the Kawasaki Halloween parade is limited in participation. The food is excellent! Bars are a hit or miss. Private parties are hard to come by. However, the overall destination was fantastic for a mini-vacation. Cons: Costly hotel rooms, food, and cabs. I would not have gone if I did not have a niece who lives in downtown Tokyo. I prefer other cities for Halloween.

13. Key West, Florida (USA) - Pros: Halloween parties start on October 18. In some bars, clothing is optional! This is a crazy place for Halloween. Private parties everywhere! The major parties are the "Pajama Party, Lingerie Party, Pet Masquerade, Toga Party, Naughty Bike Race, Pirate Bash, and the Kinky Carnival." There will be thousands of people wearing barely anything. Alcohol is relatively cheap. An enjoyable place to go for Halloween. You'll be invited to at least one orgy by the night's end. Cons: You may need a hotel room in Miami Beach, FL, since there are no hotel rooms available in Key West on Halloween.

Those are the best places for Halloween in the world. I have eliminated the following for Halloween since these destinations were either too small or too dangerous to go to:

1. Salem, Massachusetts,

2. Anoka, Minnesota,

3. Transylvania, Romania,

4. Oaxaca, Mexico,

5. Hong Kong, China.

Where should I go for Halloween out of the 13 choices above?

If you live in North America, I recommend you go to one of the following destinations:

1. New Orleans, Louisiana

2. Key West, Florida

3. Las Vegas, Nevada

My favorite of the three above is New Orleans, Louisiana.

If you live in Europe, I will go to the following Halloween destinations:

1. Amsterdam, Netherlands

2. Prague, The Czech Republic

3. Brussels, Belgium

My personal favorite out of the three above would be Amsterdam, Netherlands. So there you have it. These are the hottest places in the world to party for Halloween.

Big party on Halloween

How Do I Get Into Private Parties on Halloween

I have a simple strategy that gets me into private parties and orgies on Halloween.

I simply ask people in the bars if they know of any private parties or orgies being created later in the evening.

A lot of times, someone will know someone that is connected to the best parties in the city.

Once you're introduced to the host, you simply go to the address and knock on the door.

Make sure the house or apartment is in a decent neighborhood. You don't want to go to a ghetto only to have criminals ambush you and your spouse in the dark.

Halloween costume

Should I Create, Buy, or Rent a Costume for Halloween

I am not a person that is good at creating a costume from scratch, so I either buy or rent a costume for Halloween.

Renting costumes can be risky since the closer you get to Halloween, the fewer choices of costumes will be left for rental.

Not to mention, the vendors charge $250 or more for a quality Halloween costume rental.

So that leaves buying costumes for Halloween. I recommend going to: and

The charge is from $50 to $90 apiece for a costume.

Order your costumes 60-days in advance of Halloween. This will save you a lot of money versus renting a costume at the last minute.

Sex, Orgy

Bring Liquor, Condoms, and Party Food to an Orgy

All orgies I've been known to require you to bring liquor, usually a bottle of whisky.

Make sure you bring several boxes of condoms to the orgy since you will be fucking strangers.

Remember, an orgy is a social event, so bring some sort of party food (example: fried chicken).

Sex Foursome

Dating and Romance on Halloween

If you plan to be romantic with your date or spouse on Halloween, then the destination for Halloween must be romantic. Please choose from the following romantic Halloween destinations:

1. Lahaina, Maui, Hawaii (USA)

2. Brussels, Belgium (Europe)

3. Venice, Italy (Europe)

Once you buy your airline tickets, you must buy your masquerade ball and concert tickets (60-days in advance).

Make reservations for dinner on Halloween. I recommend a 5-star restaurant for Halloween. Here are my recommendations:

1. Pacific's on the Beach - Lahaina, Maui, Hawaii

2. Le Wine Bar des Marolles - Brussels, Belgium

3. Alle Corone - Venice, Italy

Be sure to make hotel reservations at a high-quality resort and spa. This will cost you (on average) from $220 to $3,000 a night.

Here are my recommendations for a hotel room:

1. Hyatt Regency Maui Resort and Spa - Lahaina, Maui, Hawaii

2. Juliana Hotel Brussels - Brussels, Belgium

3. St. Regis Venice - Venice, Italy

You want a special romantic memory for you and your spouse to remember for decades in the future, so choose wisely!

Think about this for a moment.

You have flown your date or spouse halfway around the world to go on a romantic Halloween holiday, which means you must take the next step in the romantic adventure.

A surprise, romantic gift.

Make them feel special, and fill their heart with your appreciation for their love.

This is why you need to buy a romantic gift that's gorgeous and fits the Halloween theme. I recommend something with synthetic rubies.

Go to the "gifts" tab (above) and check out some affordable jewelry. Make sure you buy the jewelry gift 45-days in advance.

Remember, this is a gift of love, and a surprise gift on a romantic holiday will be a big hit with your lover!

Finally, you will need to take some sex toys and new lingerie on your Halloween holiday. Please go to the above tab to view sex toys and lingerie. Affiliate Disclosure: We earn a small commission if you purchase through this link.

Now you need to think about planning the dinner for Halloween.

romantic dinner on Halloween

Halloween Dinner

The last time we went to Brussels for Halloween, my wife wore a black-colored latex catsuit ($59), high-heals, and black-colored cat ears. Go to:

My wife was looking SUPER hot!

I was wearing a king of Egypt costume ($59.99). Go to:

I looked pretty good myself!

My spouse and I decided to go to dinner at 6:00 PM at the "Le Wine Bar des Marrolles" on Halloween, and we noticed a hot couple across the room from our table.

They were looking at us, and we were looking at them, similar to how you steal a look at someone you're highly attracted to in a bar.

This went back and forth for several minutes, so I asked my wife, "Should I go over to their table and ask them to come over to our table?"

My wife replied, "Yes, go to their table and see if they would like to party together."

So, I went over to their table and asked them to come over to our table.

They spoke English with a hard German accent.

She was blonde and wearing a sexy French maid outfit ($58.88). Go to:

The guy was wearing an erotic sea captain costume. I have to admit; that his outfit was sexy for a guy who has a lot of muscles ($22.50). Go to:

They came over, and the waiter moved the closest table to our table. All of us sat down and asked the following fundamental questions: