Date Ideas for a Rainy Day

Updated: Sep 11

Kissing on a rainy day under an umbrella.

**Adult Content Warning**

Date Ideas - Step #1 - Candlelight Dinner

When you're looking for date ideas for a rainy day, a candle-lit dinner creates intimacy and romance that leads to hot, steamy sex!

When my spouse and I are trapped in our house on a rainy day, I always look forward to a candlelight dinner.

I am not saying you should cook a gourmet dinner on a rainy day since dinner can be delivered to your house (via a food delivery app).

A simple dinner by candlelight creates a romantic event that will kindle your love for each other.

My spouse and I often wear pajamas to dinner when we are alone. We hold hands and say something sweet or give thanks.

However, you can do the complete opposite: dress up in fine clothes and eat delivered food by candlelight.

The key is being romantic on rainy days.

Sex in the bathtub together.

Date Ideas - Step #2 - Take a Bath Together

Taking a bath together is always going to be romantic.

Wash each other, kiss, and have oral sex, but save the pussy and ass fucking for the bedroom.

Make sure you clean each other's asshole, pussy, and cock before you leave the bathtub.

You may also want to shave each other's pussy and cock areas for sex.

Bring candles, incense, and rose petals to the bathtub area.

You can go to flower shops and ask the flower shop owner if they have any rose pedals they're going to throw away. They will give you the rose pedals for free.

Then place the rose petals in a Ziploc bag and freeze the pedals for future use.

Throw the rose petals on the floor near the bathtub, in your bath water, and also throw some rose petals on the floor near your bed.

By combining rose petals, candles, and incense, you can make your bathtub experience romantic.

A woman wearing sexy lingerie.

Date Ideas - Step #3 - Lingerie and Sex Costumes

Ask your spouse what type of lingerie or sex costume they prefer when you have a romantic night together.

Your spouse has secret sex fantasies that you need to fulfill using sex costumes. To choose a sex costume, go through a website like:

They have fantastic sex costumes for both women and men. In addition, I highly recommend using sex toys to enhance your sex life. {Affiliate Disclosure: We earn a small commission if you purchase through this link.}

Once you have your costume on, you can create a sex fantasy based on what you're wearing. I recently bought a sex costume based on a doctor-porn star.

I created a fantasy of doing a pelvic exam on my spouse. Believe me; my wife has fantasized about fucking her doctor for years.

My wife wore a cop-porn star outfit and played out a fantasy of pulling me over and giving me a ticket for having a big cock.

It's fun to play out these fantasies in the bedroom. I recommend you boost your weekend romance by using sexual costumes before you start fucking!

Those who love the standard lingerie sex outfits will find they are very effective in keeping your spouse's cock rock hard until he blows his load.

I recommend combining a sexy costume with a standard lingerie sex outfit; they can make men cum several times!

Once you have great sex in bed, you need to move on to the next step for the evening.

Watching TV together.

Date Ideas - Step #4 - Drinking and Watching Old Movies on TV

On regular days, my wife and I start with alcohol and then go to dinner. On rainy days, we do the reverse and start drinking after we fuck.

We simply drink wine and watch old movies on TV.

On rainy days, I will put on a crackling fire video, talk to my spouse, drink wine, and then curl up together on the living room sofa.

The key is how to get drunk while simultaneously being romantic.

On a rare occasion, we'll play Monopoly. When you buy a property, your spouse must take a shot of whiskey.

If you want to spice up your sex life, then proceed to the next step.

sex depiction of a banana being covered with honey

Date Ideas - Step #5 - Invite Friends Over for a Foursome

There are some rainy days, and being romantic as a couple just does not fit your mood as a couple.

When your sex life as a couple needs a boost to the next level, it's time to have a foursome.

Most people hide a secret passion in their psyche of having sex as a foursome with their close friends.

I invite friends over for drinks, and after everyone is sailing smoothly on a liquor buzz, I bring up the idea, or my wife brings up the idea of having a foursome. {Affiliate Disclosure: We earn a small commission if you purchase through this link.}

In every circumstance, when the idea of a foursome comes up, everyone has secretly been holding back the same idea but doesn't want to be the first to bring it out into the open.

However, once the idea is popped, everyone starts to strip off their clothes as fast as possible!

Let me give you an example.

My wife and I met a couple (Jane and Ted) while having coffee at Starbucks on a Friday night, and we swapped phone numbers to have drinks in the future.

They were a nice couple; we had not seen them for a month. So I called Ted up and asked Ted and his wife (Jane) if they would like to come over for dinner and drinks.

Jane and Ted said yes to our dinner date. When they came over, Jane and my wife (Helen) went into the kitchen to make dinner, socialize, and talk girl stuff.

Ted and I went to the living room bar; I poured drinks for both of us. We immediately started talking about football, pussy, cars and making money.

We had dinner, which included Italian entries, red wine, and dessert. Dinner gave us more time to get to know each other, and all four of us could tell we would be good friends in the future.

We then moved the party to the living room to relax further and break out the good Scotch.

One conversation led to another, so I decided to "break the ice," and I said the following, "Would you two be open to a foursome?"

Ted and Jane looked at each other and then straight at my wife (Helen) and me.

I waited for Jane to react since I knew Ted was stealing looks at my wife. Jane said the following right to my face, "Your wife wouldn't mind me fucking you?" I replied, "Not at all."

Then the girls looked at each other, giving that lustful, lesbian look when two girls want to eat each other's pussy.

So, my wife moved over, sat next to Jane, and gave a tender first kiss to Jane, and Jane immediately started feeling Helen's tits.

Right then, I knew it was game on for a foursome!

Ted and I started to remove our clothes. I then asked Ted, "Would you like one more drink before the party gets going?" Ted said, "Sure, I can go for another Scotch!"

After that, we took several sips of our Scotch. Ted and I looked at each other in amazement since we were stark naked with big hard-ons.

Our dicks were pointed straight at each other. Talk about a strange moment!

However, we just stroked our cocks, while we sipped Scotch, like it was an everyday occurrence, and focused our attention on our wives.

We noticed our wives started to rub each other's pussy and romantically French kiss each other. They were hot for each other's pussy!

I was surprised at Ted's cock; it was really wide. Ted looked at my huge cock, and he replied, "Damn, John, your cock is huge!"

We both agreed that the girls would have a lot of fun fucking a different cock for a change.

Now the girls started taking their clothes off.

Jane had some nice, big tits, and her ass was perfect. She had short, curly reddish brunet hair, Caucasian, while her pussy hair had been completely shaved clean.

Jane was wearing something similar to this red trim wrap, hem dress. Go to:

My first thought was that Jane was a super-model, but in reality, she told me she's a full-time realtor.

Ted was a stockbroker who liked to dress in $1,000 suites. He is Italian with perfect black hair. However, he was just like me, addicted to hot pussy!

My wife (Helen) has a perfect body, oriental, with long black hair to her waist. Her pussy hair has been shaped in the form of a heart.

Helen was wearing something similar to this pink bodycon dress. Go to:

Whenever we walk into restaurants, both women and men stop what they are doing to look at Helen. She's gorgeous!

Ted and I gave each other a silent nod that we should move in and start fucking the girls.

I started eating Jane's pussy, and Ted began eating Helen's pussy.

I always start with eating pussy, since I want to make sure the woman I'm fucking, cums first, since I may cum quickly on my first load.

I started licking Jane's labia on both sides, then worked my way up to licking Jane's clit, and every time I licked Jane's clit, she started shaking, so I decided to stick my tongue as far as I could up her pussy hole, and come back to her clit.

I then decided to stick all four of my fingers in her pussy hole, apply leverage to her clit using the palm of my hand, and see if I could make her cum and pee simultaneously.

Jane pulled her legs back to her tities while I worked on making her cum and pee. It only took about five minutes before Jane started to cum hard, and then she peed all over my hardwood floors.

Ted saw what I was doing with Jane and decided to apply the same technique to Helen.

Helen started to rub her clit with her forefinger and index finger; Helen was about to cum again.

Ted applied pressure using all his fingers in my wife's pussy hole while applying pressure using the palm of his hand in my wife's clit, and then Helen cummed hard and started peeing all over the floor.

The girls were in sex heaven!

Ted and I turned the girls over so their faces were buried in the sofa while their cute little asses and pussies were pointed upward, ready for a good fuck from behind.

Their pussies looked so fucking good from behind! My cock was rock hard just looking at their pussies.

I could see Ted's cock was rock hard and ready for a great fuck! Ted and I started to fuck each other's wife.

Jane reached between her legs to rub her clit and pet my cock as I fucked her hot pussy. I could see my wife was doing the same thing with Ted.

Jane was passionately telling me, while I fucked her, "Oh, God, your cock feels so good! Fuck me harder. Fuck me until I cum."

My wife told Ted passionately, "Yes, yes, cum deep inside my pussy. Make me cum on your big cock!"

I could see Jane had cummed, since white cum was cumming out of her pussy and had left cum cream all over my cock.

So, I decided to turn her over and place her on her back so that she could pull back her legs so I could eat her pussy and taste her girl-cum.

I have to admit, her pussy tastes so sweet! Jane's cum oozed out of her pussy, as I ate her pussy!