Couples Married at First Sight

Updated: Oct 24

A Couple Getting Married

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Couples Married at First Sight

My wife and I knew we wanted to get married right away, so we eloped, went to Lake Tahoe, Nevada, got married, and had our honeymoon at Ceaser's Casino in Lake Tahoe.

We have been married for 30 years now.

If you want to know how we did it, read this post.

What is My Secret to Staying Married?

My first recommendation to all the guys contemplating getting married soon or having early marital problems.

I recommend capitulating to your lover or spouse. There can be only one captain of a ship, and it will never be you!

No, I am not a pussy!

If you want pussy, you must understand that a woman rules the house. And the first rule is simple: agree with 99% of whatever a woman tells you, and learn to nod your head and say, "Yes, dear."

Failure to understand this rule will get you divorced!

There is no such thing as a happy marriage where the man constantly fights with a woman's directions.

If you want pussy, and you want to have a happy marriage, then follow this rule.

Woman Ready For Sex

Rules Women Must Understand to Stay Married

There are just three rules a woman must understand about men.

The first rule is that if you don't give pussy to your man, he WILL leave you or divorce you! Consider this an automatic termination of your relationship.

The second rule is don't scold your man in public. Keep your personal conversations private.

The third rule, your husband is doing his best to provide income for you and your children. Don't make him feel bad if his business has suffered a problem.

That is all a woman needs to understand when dealing with a man.

The day-to-day bull shit of life will work itself out. So don't worry!

A marriage proposal at dinner

Married on Day One

I've seen a movie based on a couple who got married on day one while drunk in Vegas and eventually fell in love with each other after endless, bitter fights.

I did not think this scenario was realistic in the real world until I returned to the little town I grew up in and met one of my old buddies.

And he told me he met a woman at the pool at his hotel-casino in Vegas who was three years older than us and graduated from the same high school as we did.

I could barely remember her. I had to look her up in my yearbook to see who she was, and I still couldn't remember her.

I asked my buddy, "Did you ever meet her in high school? And he said, "He had passed her in the hall going to class but never met her in high school."

That sounded pretty iffy since this was decades ago.

I can only remember the girls that I graduated with. Those were the girls I dated in high school. You never dated girls older than you, and girls never dated guys younger than themselves in high school.

It was an unwritten rule everybody followed when I was in high school.

My buddy from high school is a nice guy, average looking, and I can say his new wife is also average looking. Maybe that was a primary factor in getting married on day one, since getting dates is very hard to come by in a small town.

I would have to say graduating from the same high school was the primary factor that pushed their decision to get married in Vegas on day one.

I also found out that my buddy and his new wife had prior marriages that went very badly. And maybe that was a factor, considering they weren't young chickens anymore.

Considering all factors, my friends are happy. So it proves that couples can get married at first sight on day one.

A Couple Getting Married in White Clothing

Another Couple Married at First Sight

When I was in high school, two friends of mine got kicked out of high school. One of my friends got the other pregnant, which was forbidden back in the day.

And back then, fucking could get you permanently expelled if the girl got pregnant. And since the girl was part of the dirty deed, they were both were permanently expelled from high school. {Affiliate Disclosure: We earn a small commission if you purchase through this link.}

Fast forward, my two friends created a burger joint, which became one of the best burger joints on the west coast (USA).

So my two friends met in high school, dated (went to Taco Bell and the bowling alley), and got pregnant on the third date, all in three weeks.

So, I would include them in married at first sight since they were attracted to each other at first sight, and since they were only 16 years old at the time, they were legally forced to wait until they were 18 to get married.

They stayed married all those years, and now they have grandchildren.

So, under certain circumstances, married at first sight will work.

This proves that love is stronger than logic, career goals, or what your parents or friends think.

A Couple Meeting at the Pool in Vegas

Total Strangers Meeting on Day One and Getting Married

I think this scenario is unlikely, even if you're drunk in Vegas.

However, there is a reality TV show based on getting married at first sight, but these people would not get married if they were not on TV.

In the real world, complex relationships exist between men and women who want a happy and successful marriage.

And getting married to a total stranger on day one will lead to serious relationship problems.

People who are mature and understand the complexities of marriage, which are not being filmed for a TV show, will not get married at first sight (under most circumstances).

It's that simple.

A Woman Holding a Condom Whos About to Have Sex

Sex on Day One

I can remember having sex with my spouse on day one. I have to admit; that I was young and a little nervous.

My wife told me she was a little nervous that first night also.

Recommendation to all young men, wash your bed sheets weekly; you never know if you will be lucky and get some pussy!

Women pay close attention to how the bed looks and smells.

Back to sex on day one.

Back in my twenties, I have to admit; I had a hard time with bras. Who invented these contraptions anyway?

They were certainly not thinking about young men who got lucky on Friday night.

I remembered looking around for a pair of scissors to cut my spouse's bra off. Damn! I thought this braw must be made in hell!

Finally, my spouse took the bra off herself after she noticed I didn't have a lot of experience taking bras off!

Thank God I knew where to stick my dick in!

Once we were buck naked, game on!

The first time I saw my spouse completely naked, I have to admit, my first thoughts were, "Damn, this is the most beautiful woman I have ever seen!"

My dick not only grew to 10-inches in record time, but if this were the Olympics, I would have won the gold medal for the fastest hard-on!

I dived into my spouse's pussy like a man dying of thirst!

My spouse told me she added a scented lubricant to her pussy when she went to the bathroom, just before we had sex for the first time. {Affiliate Disclosure: We earn a small commission if you purchase through this link.}

Now you can find all sorts of different types of scented pussy lubricants. See: Jessy Jane Pussy Juice Vagina Scented Lube

I ate her pussy like a wild man, which is probably one of the reasons she married me.

Even on our first fuck session, my wife had shaved her pussy hair into a shape of a heart.

I had never seen such a beautiful pussy!

I licked her labia with the utmost care; then, I went to work tickling her clit with my tongue. I liked it so well she cummed, hard and quick on our first fuck session.

My wife later told me this was one of the reasons why she married me.

My wife told me most men will start fucking first, then make a deposit, without her ever getting to cum!

I always did the reverse. Make the woman cum first, and if I cum quickly, at least I know the woman had cummed before me!

And, of course, on that first night, I hadn't cummed since my last masturbation, which was several days prior, so my cum was all backed up, ready to explode!

And three minutes into fucking such a fine pussy for the first time, I cummed hard and deposited one of the biggest cum deposits in my entire life!

The cum flowed out of my spouse's pussy like a dam breaking!

My spouse stuck her fingers in her pussy that night, scooped out a large portion of my good, and tasted my cum.

Like a wine connoisseur tasting an excellent wine for the first time, my spouse savored the moment of tasting my goo, and she loved it!

That night we cuddled and talked and repeated the fuck sessions several times before my spouse had to leave the following day.

For us, the first night fucking was perfect in our minds and was everything we were looking for in a spouse.

And this was the icing on the cake for us!

We then eloped and have been happily married ever since.


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