Couples Fighting

Updated: Sep 18

Couples fighting

**Adult Content Warning**

Couples Fighting

Men and women will fight each other over minor relationship issues until they are both buried in the ground.

This is the reality of relationships.

The key to a long-term relationship is that the husband must let the wife win the argument. Unless the wife wins the argument, the husband will not get any pussy!

It's that simple.

A man wants to be in charge and acts like he's in charge, but he is not really in charge regarding his marriage.

The woman controls a marriage or relationship.

This will never change! It's dialed into our DNA. Whether you accept it or not, it's your fate if you're a male.

This is why so many marriages or relationships end badly. The male didn't understand this unwritten rule concerning the relationship between men and women.

A couple having an argument, woman looks up to God.

Diffusing a Fight Between a Husband and Wife

I don't get into fights as I did in my early twenties, but I still get into small chicken fights with my spouse from time to time.

These small chicken fights are over nothing! How do I diffuse these small-chicken fights?

I would say 100% of all couples, straight or gay, have one small chicken fight every two to four weeks.

It's a part of being married.

The key to diffusing the chicken fight is that one of the parties must give in to the other because, if you think about it, the chicken fight is so minor that you wonder why you're fighting!

Can you look yourself in the mirror after a chicken fight? Probably not.

Are we fighting to fight, or is there something else that needs to be resolved?

So I always ask my wife, "Is there something else you want to talk about, or do you want to fight about this ridiculous matter?"

Once you think about the issue related to the chicken fight for a couple of seconds, you realize that a chicken fight is so stupid; you can't believe you are arguing over this matter!

Once we agree that our chicken fight is pointless, we both agree to move on with our relationship and kiss, hug, and say, "I love you" to each other.

The key is not to harbor hatred against your spouse. Be loving and caring towards your spouse.

A severe fight between a couple.

Bitter Fights That End in Divorce

Before my marriage, I was in a brief relationship over 30 years ago. This brief relationship with this "psycho" woman ended badly.

Why did it end so badly? This woman had a problem with giving head. She would not give head under any circumstance.

I never heard of a woman who didn't like giving head. I believe, deep down, she had some bitter anger against all men.

Not to mention, she was an attorney, so she loved to argue, and I hate to argue.

This woman had two serious strikes against her. We fought like cats and dogs!

If you ever get into a relationship that fights constantly, I recommend severing the relationship immediately and move on with your life.

There is no possible way you can fix a psycho spouse! Think about the issues you fought about with your psycho spouse in the past.

I'm sure the issues were severe, which is why you cut ties with this specific individual.

Be hopeful, that someone out there will be a perfect fit for you, both psychologically and physically.

You just need to move on with your life and look elsewhere for a new spouse. Your heart needs to be filled with love, so look for a kind, happy, and loving spouse.

A couple Making Love

Making Up After Fighting

The only positive point about couples fighting is that they make up after a fight and have a great round of passionate sex.

Having passionate sex after a fight clears our minds and hearts, allowing us to move forward with our relationship. {Affiliate Disclosure: We earn a small commission if you purchase through this link.}

What do we do right after sex? We cuddle to eliminate any remaining ill will and return to a loving, enjoyable relationship.

If all couples followed this simple rule after a fight, you would cut the divorce rate in half.

Seeing a Marriage Therapist

Marriage Therapists

Do I think marriage therapists are worth the time and money if you're constantly fighting with your spouse?

My personal opinion is no. For couples thinking about seeing a marriage therapist, it's usually too late, and their marriage is unrepairable.

In each of these marriages, one of the following marital disasters has occurred:

1. The male is fucking around, so the female leaves or never trusts the male again.

2. The female is not giving pussy, so the male leaves.

3. The female can't have children, so the male leaves.

4. The female wants children, but the male does not want children.

5. The male cannot earn enough money for the marriage to work, so the female leaves.

6. Either the male or female has a drug or alcohol addiction.

7. Domestic violence against the female has occurred, and the male has been arrested.

As you can see, none of these problems can be solved by a marriage therapist, so the investment in time and money spent seeing a marriage therapist would unlikely see any positive results.

It's better to terminate the marriage if any of these disasters have occurred and seek a new life with a new spouse.

Talking to a Best friend over Coffee

Seeking Advice From Your Best Friend

When I seek advice from my best friend concerning marriage, my best friend usually tells me the answer I already know in my heart.

That's what's excellent about best friends.

Sure, a best friend can be wrong, but when you take their advice with what you know is right in your heart, your decision will be the correct decision concerning your marriage.

Call your best friend and tell them what's wrong with your marriage, and pursue the best direction for your life.

A couple having a romantic adventure on bikes at the beach

Romance the Cure for a Broken Heart

Fighting between a husband and wife can be devastating to the mind and heart, and correcting a bad relationship's past ills can only be washed away with romantic gestures and sincere love.

Whenever I am in the grocery store and see a man buying flowers, you can bet it's either because he fucked-up with his honey, it’s his wife's birthday, or it's Valentine's Day.

Most likely, the man fucked-up, big time, with his spouse.

The next time you fuck-up with your spouse, amp-up your romantic gesture to your honey.

What do I mean?

Instead of just giving flowers to your spouse, do the following for your spouse:

1. Give your spouse a coupon for a two-hour treatment at a local spa.

2. Buy her a long-stemmed red rose.

3. Bring home Italian food.

4. Bring home a bottle of red wine.

5. Have a deep conversation with your spouse.

Your spouse will sit up and notice that you are genuinely trying to correct her broken heart!

And in turn, she will forgive you, fuck your brains out, and then make you breakfast the following day! {Affiliate Disclosure: We earn a small commission if you purchase through this link.}

Now you must kiss her, hug her, and say, "I love you" twice a day to ensure you are sincere with your devotion and love for her.

On a rare occasion, a wife will significantly hurt a man's heart. What should a wife or spouse do?

Men are wired very differently than women.

However, I can tell you, as a straight guy, I have only received two roses in my entire adult life.

Would it be a good idea to buy a man a red rose? Sure. It will catch a man off-guard.

So as soon as your man walks in, give him a red rose, sit him down in his favorite chair, and have an ice chest full of crushed ice and his favorite beer next to his chair. Turn the TV on to his favorite sports channel, give him a foot massage, and say, "You're sorry."

This will get his attention, and he will forgive you immediately!

And for added extra measure, serve your man his favorite food while he watches his sports channel, wear your favorite lingerie, and then turn the TV off and make passionate love to him!

Once you go through this procedure, he will have forgotten about the fight, and he will be grinning from ear to ear!

The wife and the husband will give each other "marriage points" in their hearts, and whatever you were fighting about will be forgotten as if it never happened.

Follow these procedures, and you will live a happy life together.

A couple having sex

Sex and More Sex

As time marches on, your fighting will become less intense until you reach a point where you are fucking every day, and the only thing you see in the mirror is your big smile!

Some couples only fuck on Sunday mornings, while others fuck every day.

I recommend fucking every day until your body stops working like it used to. After thirty years of marriage, I am still fucking every morning.

My morning fucks are quickies.

Sometimes, I tap my wife in the morning to start fucking, and sometimes my wife has already started yanking on my cock to wake me up in the morning.

Our fuck sessions in the early morning last maybe 15 minutes.

However, it gives each of us conviction that we still love each other, so when we have breakfast, it's always on good terms, and the remaining part of the day is always positive.

We save Friday, Saturday, or Sunday night for romance, which can involve drinks at a bar, a romantic dinner, a candle-lit dessert, wine in front of our fireplace, a romantic movie, lingerie or sex costumes, sex toys, or full-blown, hard-core sex. {Affiliate Disclosure: We earn a small commission if you purchase through this link.}